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Monday, July 2, 2012

Junhom Southern Thai Restaurant - Ramkhamhang 21, Bangkok

Junhom Thai Restaurant - Southern Thai Dishes - Ramkhamhang 21 (Soi Nawasri) below Ramintra-Artnarong Expressway, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

JunHom Southern Thai Restaurant - Bangkok on BumRes.com

Today the review is on the Southern Thai Food restaurant – the Junhom at Soi Ramkhamhang 21 (Soi Nawasri).  This down to earth restaurant has been around for at least a decade.  I remember going there about ten years ago.  Recently I have been driving past the place so often.  The store front seemed unattractive with the messy decoration on the terrace.  I knew I had to try it out again for a review because their food wasn’t bad at all as I remembered.  Finally the time had come.  Entering the Junhom Southern Thai Food restaurant, the feel was a bit different from the front.  The place was more spacious than it appeared from the outside.  Seating is available both indoor and outdoor; everyone is sitting inside with the air conditioning.    

Menu of the Junhom consists of authentic southern Thai dishes.  Majority of customers are Thai and I am sure they love the vast selection.  Average price is around 80 – 120 baht; nice and cheap.  Single serving dishes are around 40 – 60 baht; best for a quickie meal.  Let’s talk about my meal. 

First one was the Kang Pa Neau or Beef Curry Soup for 120 baht.  Its spiciness was showing through the appearance.  With its yellow color broth, I could tell that it will be nice and intense.  As I tasted the curry, it actually tasted really good, not too spicy.  The large portion was as enjoyable as the perfectly spiced flavor.    

Sator Moo Pad Prik or Stir-fried Pork and Stink beans (Sator) with chili paste.  This traditional southern Thai menu can only be found in the South.  The strong flavor wasn't a problem today since it was a dinner.  I wouldn’t recommend this menu for breakfast.  Your breath will stink for the rest of the day, no joke – lol…  This is a must try menu.  I loved it so much; the pork belly was tasty with the spicy sauce and the beans. 

Crab Fried Rice (60 baht) was the substitute for the white rice tonight.  Unlike the first two, this fried rice was less impressive.  In my opinion, fried rice is a menu that can determine the skill of the chef.  If you have read the Iron Chef Comic book, you may understand – on one scene, the host was saying that fried rice can speak for the greatness of the chef.  

Pla Tod Kamin or Crispy fried fish in turmeric (175 baht), a great southern menu that is hard to find at normal Thai restaurant.  The Chanhom made it good to a standard level.  I could really sense the turmeric aroma within the fish, which was nice.  

Kungnang Rad Sauce Makam or Shrimp with Tamarind sauce for 400 baht.  When I first saw the serving size, I was so surprised by its big size.  But, I finally understood once I saw the bill.  With its great crispiness, the whole shrimp was edible.  So, please enjoy from head to tail.  The tamarind sauce was the key to deliciousness; slightly tangy and sweet.  What a delightful dish I’d say.  

The Junhom’s Southern Thai specialty dishes were definitely enjoyable; good portion, low price, and tasty.  For a total of five dishes, the bill only came to 875 baht (the shrimp menu was half of the bill).  If you have never tried Southern Thai dishes, Junhom Southern Thai is a great start.  Commuting by car is most convenient; parking is available in the empty lot opposite to the restaurant.  You can access from the Ramintra – Artnarong Expressway.  It is the Soi after the Petronas Gas Station after the Pracha-Uthit intersection, heading toward Rama IX Road.  In the Soi Nawasri, the Junhom is located on the right hand side after you pass a small four-way intersection.  Check it out! 

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