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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bankara Ramen - Ramen Shop - Prompong, Bangkok

Bankara Ramen - Japanese Restaurant and Ramen Shop @ Prompong, Bangkok

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

Bankara Ramen - Ramen Shop on BuMRes.com

The Bankara Ramen is an All-Japanese ramen shop.  I am not sure what the name, Bankara really means because it didn’t use the Kanji.  I know the slogan right next to it means Tokyo pork ribs.  To concur with the slogan, this ramen shop features the pork ribs broth for the ramen.  I got to know about the Bankara Ramen from my friend, who said that this place serves the best ramen he ever had in Bangkok.  With the statement, I must try it out for myself.  The Bankara is located in the Sukhumvit 39, where the Japanese people are everywhere. There are only about ten parking spots but I always got a spot every time.  Right next to it is the Katsu King, specialize in Tonkatsu.  I haven’t got to try it since the Bankara was always my destination.  When I have a chance, I must review the Katsu King for all of you. 

Atmosphere of the Bankara Ramen is very traditional Japanese with the wood decorations and the dimmed lighting.  As you enter the restaurant, a warm welcoming is said in Japanese by all the workers.  After four visits, I only had to wait in queue for the table once.  About half of the customers are Japanese.  Service staffs are Thai and they can somewhat communicate in Japanese.  In this Ramen shop, condiments and tools are ready for you on the table.  I love the whole garlic cloves with the cracker.  I cracked a few fresh cloves into my ramen every time.  

Food selections of the Bankara may not be as diverse.  I have tried three different types.  First one is the basic pork ribs style (on 1st page of menu).  Second is the Bankara ramen, special recipe of the restaurant; with the intense flavor (on 3rd page of menu).  Third one is a dry ramen with broth on the side (on 4th page of menu).  Besides the ramen, the Bankara has simple appetizers such as the Chachu pork with Japanese scallions, Gyoza, and Karake.  I always go for the Karake.  

Karake at Bankara is good sized, freshly prepared to my preference every time; best way to warm up for the delicious ramen. 

Ramen with pork ribs soup is my most favorite.  The broth must have been simmered for several hours.  With the soft and spongy texture of the noodles, savory broth, and the tasty Chachu pork; this bowl of ramen is one of a kind. 

Bankara Ramen – an original authentic broth of the secret recipe.  My friend tend to like this ramen more but I think the first choice is better. 

Tsukemen Ramen is a cold ramen with the broth sauce on the side.  Atop the noodles is the chachu  pork, bamboo shoots, and seaweeds.  I have tried this menu a couple of times; for some reason – one time is better than another time. 

The Bankara has a few choices of beverages but iced water is free.  I ordered Nama Bee-ru (draft Asahi beer) once and expected to find the Japanese draft beer but it turned out to taste very much like Thai Asahi beer.  A bit disappointed about the beer, so that was the only time to get the beer with my ramen at Bankara Ramen.  By the way, there was one ramen menu I haven’t tried; the Miso Ramen.  Next time I will review it for all of you. 

Ramen at Bankara cost around 200-250 baht depending on your choice of toppings.  Basically you can choose to do it without the meat, chachu pork, stew pork, seaweed, boiled egg, etc.  I would say that majority of you will be satisfied with only one serving of the ramen, so it should cost around 300 baht per person with the appetizer.  Pricing at this Ramen shop is reasonable.  For the real authentic Japanese ramen at this price, this spot has become my most favorite ramen shop of all time.  I am always so happy to get to slurp the thick tonkatsu soup and to shove the soft noodles into my mouth.  Check out the Bankara Ramen @ Sukhumvit 39 for yourself. 

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