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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant - Sofitel Centara Grand Ladprao, Bangkok

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Sofitel Centara Grand Ladprao, Bangkok

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3/5
Value   3.5/5

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant on BUmRes.com

The Dynasty is the official Chinese restaurant of the Sofitel Centara Grand @ Ladprao, Bangkok.  I actually had come here once before but I didn’t take any photos.  I remember that it was quite delicious (dinner time).  On this visit, I happened to run errant at Central Ladprao.  And a friend that I was meeting liked Dim Sum, so we decided to check out their Dim Sum Buffet.  Interior design of the Dynasty was splendid; it had an expression of a Roman adaptation in the Chinese color theme – quite eye pleasing and warm.  Let me complain on the service a little bit; were there not enough workers or what?  The place wasn’t full at all but the food was so slow.   Oh well – for the bargain price, I could deal with the wait. 

Dim Sum Buffet of the Dynasty @ Sofitel Centara Grand is available at lunch time daily, I assumed.  I was there during the weekday.  There are three levels of buffet to choose from; 549, 649, and 749 baht.  All of them have the same Dim Sum list and the different is the choice of extra Chinese dishes.  Okay, don’t ask for Dim Sum menu because there is none; the servers brought Dim Sum to the table and we chose what we wanted only.  Details of the buffet and a la carte can be found in the tab menu as usual, please feel free to browse.   

Dim Sum of the Dynasty was quite delicious.  All of them that they brought to the table were great but we couldn’t choose and not so variety.  Their deep fried stuffs were pretty bad.  And other dishes that I ordered like drunken chicken, Jelly fish, Goy Si Mee, Lard na, and desserts; all were disappointing.  All of them seemed to be prepared carelessly (half assed) – I just went to the Man Ho (best dim sum buffet at JW Marriott) similar side dishes were like hell and heaven.  

Well, my lunching at the Dynasty @ Sofitel Centara Grand Ladprao was half way decent.  I only enjoyed the Dim Sum, everything else was just not right; the fried stuffs, main and side dishes, and the service.  Considering the low price of this meal, I really can’t complain much.  Good and cheap is rarely found on this planet – a long sigh!

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