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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Witch Pie Factory - Sukhumvit 65, Bangkok

The Witch Pie Factory @ Sukhumvit 65 (British (breakfast) restaurant) BTS Ekamai 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   5/5

The Witch Pie Factory - Breakfast Cafe on BumRes.com

The Witch Pie Factory mainly serves an English style food, particularly for breakfast.  Its location is about 200m walk into the Soi Sukhumvit 65, between BTS Ekamai and BTS Prakanong.  A shophouse set up has two parking spots.  On my visit, I had to drive there and I was so lucky to get one of the spots.  Best choice of transportation is definitely the BTS and by foot.  The Witch is well known in the restaurant industry.  They have several Witches throughout the city; Witch Oyster Bar & Restaurant and Witch’s Tavern.  

Pie, Breakfast set, and English breads are what the Witch Pie Factory @ Sukhumvit 65 can serve you daily, early in the morning.  For more food details, please visit our tab menu page as usual.  The food is not that expensive, most ranged around 100 baht.  Full English Breakfast costs only 99 baht, which was a full option (see the title photo).  So, the Witch Pie Factory aced the review score for their “Value.”

First dish was the Steak & Kidney Pie or a beef pie with soft fried egg (130 baht).  Each plate comes with a salad or mashed beans and potatoes or chips.  For three of us, we choose different sides.  On this first dish, we asked for a salad.  The English lady, who was the owner served the food right to our table.  I was so stunned by the size of the pie – so big.  The taste sort of failed because the stuffing was too dry and the salad dressing wasn’t so tasty.

The second dish was a cup-shape pie with the same stuffing as the first one, the beef.  This one was better than the first, stuffing was saucy and the pastry was nice and soft.  Next up, Chicken & Vegetable Pie, which was also delicious but the small portion disappointed us.  It looked like the dish with smaller portion tasted better than one with larger portion.  

Last one was the Full English Breakfast.  We were all so surprised to see it coming to the table.  For only 99 baht, there was so much food.  Not only the food that impressed me, the taste of it was amazing as well.  The sausage was the absolutely yummy.  I didn’t try the bread or the refried beans.  My friends said that the sides were alright.  I have had this kind of breakfast before in England.  I felt good getting to enjoy it again.  

After all the core dishes, we ended the meal with a simple dessert – Apple Crumble and Raspberry Cheese Cake for 80 baht each.  The Witch Pie Factory @ Sukhumvit 65 upset me with their desserts – it wasn’t any good.  Typical bakeries elsewhere can do it better.  

We were quite stuffed and it only cost us 230 baht a piece.  Our breakfast at Witch Pie Factory was absolutely worth it.  If you look for a change about what to eat in the morning, this English style Pie shop is ready to fuel you up to a fresh start of your day.  Your breakfast will be carefully served to you by a kind English lady.  You must try the Witch Pie once, if you never had it before.  

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