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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grand San Yod Chinese Restaurant - Bangrak, Bangkok

Grand San Yod Chinese Restaurant - Bangrak, Bangkok

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   5/5

Grand San Yod Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Today I went to have lunch at a famous Chinese restaurant across the town from my house.  The name is the Grand San Yod and it is located in the Bangrak area.  At this time, they have multiple branches; at Central World (currently under construction and Central Pinklao).  The Grand San Yod has a parking lot that can hold up to about thirty cars and it is not free.  With a restaurant stamp, you can park for one hour free of charge and after that it is 20 Baht per hour.  Going there on a Sunday at noon was only to fight with the crowd over an empty table.  We had to wait a long while.  And about two hours later – as I was leaving the restaurant, there were still some people waiting for tables.  The Grand San Yod’s business is doing well – no joke!  With no empty table left in a large restaurant, the whole atmosphere of this Chinese restaurant was so hectic.  Interior setting was nice and simple with Chinese paintings hanging on the wall here and there.

The restaurant seemed to lack a proper management.  There was no host to greet customers when we arrived – we had to holler a server passing by to let them know that we wanted to be in queue.  Unfortunately the Grand San Yod didn’t have anything to record the queue, so we kind of had to know by ourselves who came before who.  I added an order to a server mid way through our meal.  Then after a wait, I asked the server about it and he said that the order wasn’t in.  So, it was eventually cancelled like nothing ever happened - .  During the meal, we asked for a sour soy sauce – we didn’t get it so we asked for it again and we got four different sauces but there was no sour soy sauce that we wanted, lol…

The Grand San Yod serves only Chinese food, with more than 100 items to choose from.  Plus 20 recommended dishes.  Please take time to look through the menu in the tab menu.  My dad said that their Roasted duck and egg noodles are popular since he was younger.  He said that he had brought me here before but I don’t remember anything at all.  I totally felt like it was the first time.  

First dish was the roasted duck – medium size for 200 Baht.  The duck meat had a hint of sweet, which was delicious.  Portion and price was close to MK’s. 

Second dish was the Duck leg with fried shrimp wrap (80 Baht/pc).  We order three pieces for each of us.  This menu gave another feeling of being a first timer; mostly with the look, the taste was very similar to a typical Tod Mun Goong (Crispy fried shrimp ball).  I didn’t notice the taste of duck meat being distinctive at all.  I liked it though – an interesting menu. 

Third dish was the Sophon Shrimp ball for 150 Baht.  Serving was five balls; at a larger size compared to ones I have seen.  I liked the taste of it; good enough to be in a gourmet Chinese restaurant.  I believe this menu is hard to go wrong with the taste.  Most of the time, Chinese restaurants don’t give enough of it. 

Next one was the Beef in oyster sauce for 150 Baht.  This menu was the highlight of this lunch.  Amazing size and portion, its tenderness was greatly complimented by the tasty sauce.   The Grand San Yod has the best Beef in oyster sauce I have ever had in my life.  I have had this menu at Thai restaurants and none of them could do it this delicious.  You should definitely order this menu.  

Goy See Mee was up next.  Traditionally this Chinese Noodle menu is done with chicken.  I was amused for a moment when the server asked me what kind of meat I wanted with this noodle.  Well, we went with the usual choice of chicken.  It turned out to be very authentic and delicious.  Though I like it with the sour soy sauce but I finished the dish and still didn’t get it.  Otherwise this Chinese noodle would have been more delicious.  

Last but not least - Baked goose leg with noodles, priced 80 Baht/leg.  The Grand San Yod is known for best noodles and sure it was even more impressive with the wonderful goose leg.  It was worth the long wait. 

All I can say is that every dish at the Grand San Yod was absolutely satisfying.  Don’t be too surprised about the price, the bill turned up at 1,255 Baht for a party of three.  Our experience at this Chinese hot spot was awesome, regardless of the service.  I understand that the place was so busy, which made it harder to please everybody.  I suggest that you should go for a late lunch or early dinner to avoid the prime time crowd.  In my opinion all restaurant should be well prepared to service the rush crowd.  FYI, the Grand San Yod charge 3% for Amex and Diners Club and 1.2% for common credit cards. 

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