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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tamaruya Honten Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant - Isetan Central World, Bangkok

Tamaruya Honten Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant Isetan Central World, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Tamaruya Honten Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant on BumRes.com

Teppanyaki, Japanese grill restaurant is becoming more and more popular in Thailand.  Most of them are serving buffet style.  The ones that serve a la carte are usually an upscale one with higher quality meat and more expensive.  Tamaruya Honten @ Isetan (sixth floor) is the latter type.  I have strolled passed this place a few times but I didn’t dare going in because I knew that Teppanyaki a la carte style is pricey.  Finally I got to try it without worrying about the bill because I have a sponsor this time.

Interior setting is decorated with wood and stone wall, which created a warm and pleasant atmosphere.  Seating is available for a large group in a long connecting tables as well as an individual to sit at the bar with a single small grill.  I was there with my family at noon on Saturday and the place was almost full.  Fortunately we got a table for three after a short wait.  Regarding the food selection at the Tamaruya Honten; besides the premium grade beef and entrails, they have soups, porridge, sushi, salad, and more.  Please see more details in the tab menu as usual.  I have already inputted the menu for you all to browse freely.  I was so happy to see that several beef selection for the grill is reasonably priced, not as expensive as I expected so I let myself loose and ordered a feast.  

Grilling goodies of Tamaruya Honten – I had about five choices; pork shoulder, striploin, ox tongue, and brisket (weeping tiger).  All of them were average delicious except for the pork shoulder that was extremely delicious.  We also had other choices that weren’t for the grill, the Yukke which was the raw beef mixed in eggs.  A few years ago I never touched raw beef but recently that I have tried much raw stuff from Japan, I realized how good it is.  Especially the Yukke at Tamaruya Honten, so… good!  You have to try it.  To all of you who love raw beef, I suggest to try the raw beef sushi – also amazing.  Then for the soup, we had the ox tail soup and the rice and egg porridge.  The ox tail soup is a must try; its thick and savory broth will make your appetite goes insane.  And this soup is not a typical ox tail soup you found at Chinese restaurants or Muslim shops, it is a Japanese style – I highly recommend it. 

Total damage came to 2,200 baht approximately.  Considering the amount of food we got and the quality of the meat and all, this meal was absolutely good value.  I am not surprised to see this place so crowded.  I saw a few Japanese families enjoying their meal at the Tamaruya Honten.  In case you are bored of the typical grilling buffet in the city, this is the place to break the ice.  Tamaruya Honten @ Isetan, sixth floor might keep you coming back for more.   

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