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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin - Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok

Sra Bua - Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok - Modern Thai Cuisine - Michelin star Chef Hendrik

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

Sra Bua - Thai Restaurant @ Siam Kempinski Hotel on BumRes.com

The Sra Bua is an elite Thai restaurant, operated by Chef Henrik Yde-Andersen and Chef Lertchai Treetawatchaiwong from Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen which is one of the two Thai restaurants in the world with the Michelin stars (the other one is the Nahm by David Thompson).  Sra Bua is resided within the Siam Kempinski – a five star, overtly luxurious hotel behind the Siam Paragon in Bangkok.  

Classy atmosphere of the elegantly decorated interior setting of Sra Bua surely deserves to be in the five star hotel.  In terms of customer service staffs, their attentive character and their knowledge are resolutely well belonged to this fine Thai restaurant of Siam Kempinski.  Sra Bua serves a very modern Thai food.  Only available in set, the 11 course set at dinner time cost me 2,400 baht.  I believe at lunch time, you have a choice of 5 or 9 course set at lower prices.  I don’t have the details of the lunch set menu.  At dinner time, there is no choice of individual a la carte dishes – you have to choose the set designed by the Head Chef.  

Let’s begin with the nibbling! Seaweed Tapioca with oyster sauce dip – its fancy name refers to the typical Khao Kriab with the foamy and creamy dipping sauce that tasted like a mild Thai seafood  sauce but made with oyster.  The Kaffir lime lotus root was also amazing by itself, same as the Soy Meringue Cashew – both creative choice of rarely found ingredients yet delicately traditional.  So, I’d say all the bite size starters were just glimpses of excellence.  Moving on the appetizers or “street cooking” stated in the menu, the Harvest was the Signature Dish – a pot with embedded grown carrot was served with a mild Thai curry in which unusually blended to a moose like texture.  A Thai cuisine so modern a Thai person was intrigued.   Other two choices were also served in a spoon; the crispy pork skin with Thai green chili paste and the Moo Palo or Braise pork in soy.  These were served inside a cover with the chilled fog.  As uncovering, first aroma was the Moo Palo – simple street dish served in style. 

Next up was the Tom Klong Soup with the jelly – advised by the server to have the jelly first, then follow with the broth and both will merge to a unison flavor in the mouth.  Such a new culinary experience with this menu – The contrast was charming; cold jelly and hot savory broth.  Extraordinary – the taste was so Thai but the adventurous experience was so foreign. 

Courses were served at perfectly slow pace.  Up next, our seventh wonder at Sra Bua – the Yum River Prawn with Pamelo and Orchid.  This one was closest to a typical Yum or Thai spicy salad except there was orchid which was my first.  Next one was another highlight of my one of a kind Thai dinner at Sra Bua – Frozen Red Curry with lobster salad.  We got to see the quick show – the pouring of Liquid Nitrogen over the curry that further froze the ice-cream textured curry.  Again, surprised by the expedition of a mindful art of cooking - applied to my native Thai cuisine and stunningly impressed me.  The lobster salad was beautifully orchestrated to touch up the frozen curry to a sound composition.  

A world renowned Thai soup, Tom Kha – Sra Bua tuned it to a more exotic dish by adding the quail of two types; poached quail breast and quail leg confited, separated by a fine thin crisp of chicken skin.  Served with the flavorful garlic rice, the broth became scarce – resulted in frustration.   This was getting to the last of the story to tell about my journey of splendid dining at Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin.

This was where the joy of sweet began for dessert lovers.  My photos can tell more than I could explain.  Mainly were ice-creams, three types of flavor and presentation.  All of which were breathtaking and so delightful that any girls would be so thrilled.  

Moreover, there was a set of Mignardises or what I would call a fresh breath maker, which included Mango with sticky rice – lovely, Cotton Candy – typical, Jelly block, and the Lime mint sparkles.  Honestly, I couldn’t try all of which since I was so full and not a dessert person. 

After two hours of enjoyment throughout the 11 courses, my dad and I were so contend with the exclusive atmosphere, flawless service, and adventurous culinary experience.  What a special occasion I had with my dad.  I would recommend Sra Bua for hosting foreign guests.  They will be amazed by the sophistication existed in every single course.  The wine offer set by Chef Hendrik will further emphasize the excellence of ingredient’s natural flavors.  Five glasses of wine for 2,400 baht are individually paired with the courses to promote an impression as such.  In my future occasions at Sra Bua, I wouldn’t miss the wine offer, so I will discover the nirvana realm of Modern Thai Cuisine.  

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