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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the Mood for Love : Sushi Bar and Bistro - Soi Sukhumvit 38, Bangkok

In The Mood for Love : Sushi Bar and Bistro (Japanese Restaurant Sukhumvit 38, Bangkok)

Overall Score  5/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  2/5
Value   2/5

In The Mood for Love - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

In the Mood for Love - I have heard about this restaurant for a while but never had the chance to go.  Many of my friends became fan page of the place.  I also have seen some reviews on the internet.  Since I first heard about the place, it must have been several months until the time has come.  In the Mood for Love is located in the Soi Sukhumvit 38, short distance past the BTS Thonglor coming from the Prakanong area.  The restaurant has limited parking spaces on the site.  More parking is available further into the Soi and there will be Tuk-Tuk service bringing you to the restaurant.  So, I would say that going there by car is kind of stress free.   In the Mood for Love is a small restaurant.  With its size and the stylish decoration, atmosphere was warm and cozy, perfect set up for sweet couples.  Among the Chinese influence design was the Sushi Bar with a couple of hardworking Sushi chefs.  I was there on Sunday; the place was completely full; about 30% of them were Non-Thais.   

Food of the spot is straight forward as stated in the name – In the Mood for Love, Sushi Bar and Bistro.  Majority of Sushi selections is the creative rolls, fusion style.  I assume that many Sushi creations are self developed.  Traditional Sashimi and other Japanese specialties are also available but I didn’t see many people order.  A lot of the dishes I saw at other’s table were Chic looking Sushi.  Average price is too expensive; around 360+ baht for the special rolls.  For other types of specialties, please see in the tab menu.  Among three people, we ordered five dishes.  Please take time to see photos and their captions.  Overall taste of the food was alright.  Their concentration was on the plating appearance and the atmosphere.  Down side about this place was the preparation time.  I think they didn’t have enough Sushi chefs.  I didn’t see any chefs stopped working at all and the food was still slow.  The kitchen management certainly needs some improvement.  

Our bill totaled to 2,754.50 baht, included the 10% service charge and we got 10% off from the Citibank.  The In the Mood for Love is most suitable for loving couples or girls.  With the lovely food and the charming drinks, the cozy atmosphere of this spot couldn’t be more mood building.  In case you are looking for a place to eat good Sushi, I recommend going elsewhere.  Otherwise – this spot is best to go with your beloved partner or your soon to be honeys.   I was curious about their restaurant logo.  Somebody told me that it was an erotic sign but I don’t get it.  If you could interpret the sign, please explain to me.  

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