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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Water Front Thai Restaurant - Krungthon Bridge, Bangkok

Water Front Thai Restaurant Riverside -Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  2.5/5
Value   4/5

Water Front - Thai Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Water Front is a riverside restaurant, located ashore the Chao Praya River – next to the Krungthon Bridge (Steel bridge).  A friend of mine recommended this restaurant to me; he said that the food is delicious.  Water Front is separated into two zones; outdoor on the deck with the view of the bridge, boats, and the beautiful Rama VIII Bridge and indoor with air conditioning to compensate with more restricted view.  I chose to sit outside; fortunately the weather wasn’t so bad.  

I have  a couple of dislikes about this restaurant; one is the service staff, which didn’t care for customers enough and another is the dimmed lighting because I couldn’t take nice photos.  Nonetheless good things outweighed the down side.  Water Front serves delicious food at reasonable prices and picturesque view of the river. 

Water Front @ Krungthon Bridge mainly serves Thai food.  Besides the delicious food, I like how the restaurant distinctively named each menu.  For example, Yum Sanya Jai that means a Salad of promise by the heart.  Moreover, Water Front has creative menu like the Bell pepper with ground shrimp stuffing.  Food pricing is considered low for the quality and the atmosphere.  

My dinner at the Water Front @ Krungthon Bridge was impressive; I liked all the dishes I ordered.  A menu that I like the most is the Kang Pa Goong Sub or Curry soup with ground shrimp.  I have never had this menu anywhere.  Its flavoring was perfectly intense and savory.  The shrimp made the broth heavier and the pieces of shrimp can be presented in almost every bite.  Second most favorite was the Bell pepper with ground shrimp stuffing with the sweet gravy.  All contexts were great together.  Other choices were also delicious but just not as impressive as the first two mentioned.  Grilled ribs, Salmon wrapping Rocket leaves (creative one), Shrimp in mayonnaise, Spicy Tofu, or the Promising spicy salad; all of them were wonderful.  

For a total of seven dishes and some beverages, the bill was only 1,500 baht; good deal, don’t you think?  Water Front offered a nice bang for the bucks and official became one of my favorite restaurants already.  The only problem about this restaurant is that it is far from my house otherwise I would hang out there more often.  

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