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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tessa Italian Homemade Restaurant - Soi Thonglor 23, Bangkok

Tessa Italian Home-Made Restaurant Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  5/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3/5
Value   2.5/5

Tessa Homemade Cuisine on BumRes.com

Today I got a chance to visit the Tessa Homemade Cuisine at Soi Thonglor 23.  Going to this place never really came across my mind but I happened to find it as I was looking for a place to eat.  In a homemade style restaurant, the atmosphere well matched the theme as resided within a house.  With its small size, the cozy setting can only hold about seven tables.  Owner also said that there is another room to serve a couple more tables.  So, the Tessa Homemade Cuisine at Soi Thonglor 23 has a total of about ten tables.  Let’s move on to talk about the food.  

On this visit, I was with my brother and my mother.  They just went to a buffet for lunch and I was the hungry one since I didn’t have lunch yet.  I ordered four dishes; a full course for one person without a dessert.  I was shocked to see the price since it was so expensive.  My overall impression of the Tessa being a homemade restaurant just vanished.    First menu was the Grilled Italian sausage salad (395+ baht); a rocket salad with Italian sausage tasted amazing but for the price.  It was a ripped off.  There needed to add more sausages.  Second one was the Baked Mussel Au Graten (300+ baht), a pricey appetizer.  For five NZ mussels, each of them cost 66 baht precisely.  Its taste wasn’t anything special.   Third dish was the main, the owner said that this special menu was a must try – Hot corned Beef (495+ baht).  Perfectly grilled steak (about medium rare) was juicy and tender.  But, the side vegetables were so ordinary and almost not delicious.  I still thought that it was expensive but not as bad as the first two menus.  Last one was the Pasta Three Cheese (295+) – also recommended by the owner.  It was a Penne flooded with cheese – thick and melted, served in a hot pan.  For 295+ baht, for mostly Pasta and no meat – not so worth it. 

This late lunch cost 1,776 baht with 10% service charge added.  Honestly, the food of Tessa Homemade Cuisine was delicious.  All dishes were served quickly.  The only downside about this spot was the price.  With the name stated Homemade Cuisine, the price should be neighborhood food shop not a five star hotel price.  If the prices reduced about 30%, the Tessa could become one of my favorite places in Thonglor area.  Considering its strategic location, people of Thonglor won’t sweat paying this price.  For me, I think differently since I can find a place serving comparable food at much better prices.  Moreover, I wouldn’t pay this much for a server to ignore customers for over ten minutes to get drink order – or a server that pounded the plate on the table without manners. 

BTW, there was a sticker of Thailand’s Best Restaurant for three years in a row from Thailand Tatler.  I was expecting a heavenly meal but the food wasn’t that great - really. 

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