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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 Garcons French Restaurant - Thonglor, Bangkok

4 Garcons French Restaurant Thonglor 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

4 Garcons - French Restaurant on BumRes.com

The 4 Garcons – as far as I have read about in the food magazines (so many articles about this restaurant in the past three months), this restaurant is an establishment of four people.  Each of them have different professional.  The name means four young guys in French, so that’s how the name came to be.  For English people, this term may refer to four servers in French restaurants.   Now, you can guess that it is a French restaurant.  The 4 Garcons is located on the bottom floor of a condominium (I can’t remember the name) near the Nihonmu in the mid part of Soi Thonglor 13; the Soi of eating heaven of the Thonglor area.  4 Garcon is decorated beautifully in the purple color theme, looking very French and luxurious.  On my visit, the place was full of high status customers, so I didn’t get many photos of the atmosphere – I am sorry about that because I was afraid their bodyguard would take my camera away.   

There are not too many dishes in the menu of the 4 Garcons at Thonglor.  I am not sure if the lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu.  Since I was there for lunch, I only got to see the lunch menu.  In the menu, there were about 30 items total; three pages of appetizers, main course, and desserts (about ten per section).  In terms of price, I consider to be reasonable for a restaurant of this grade; around 300-600 baht.  And desserts are around 150 baht.  I happened to find the 3 course set for 580++ baht in the last page of the menu.  It seemed so attractive, my mom and I decided to go for the lunch set of the 4 Garcons.  My mom’s first course was the Truffle soup, served in awkward shaped bowl.  We thought the portion was small being in this bowl but it actually had a good amount.  I got to try it also – I liked it even though I couldn’t sense the truffle aroma much.  My starter was called the Pate de Campagne or a French ham.  Please see what it looks like in the photo.  The first bite was different.  As I work it through the plate, somehow it became more delicious.      

Next up is my mom’s main course at 4 Garcons.  It was the Beef Ragu Fettuccini, served in great portion with the awesome taste.  Mine was a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb in beer broth.  The experience was similar to my first course.  I didn’t like the first bite; it tasted weird but interesting.   Again it got better after a few bites.  It was well prepared, I guess – but, it was not as tender as I expected since I still need a knife.  For most braised meat menus, I tend to enjoy using my fork to pull out the meat.  Well – I must say that I’m a picky eater that doesn’t know how to cook.  I didn’t know whether or not the lamb shoulder could be more tender if it were cooked longer.  

My dessert was an Apple tart; a whole apple was placed on top of the tart with a side of other fruits – tasted okay.  I am not a dessert fan, so it is tough to impress me.  My mom’s dessert was a Lemon Pie.  For me, it was way too sour – one spoon of it was enough for me.  My mom liked it though.  She finished all of the pie by herself.  After the dessert, we had a tea to properly end the meal.  The 4 Garcons French had all kinds of tea to choose from but I choose the Jasmine tea.  I loved it – it made my apple tart a whole lot better.    

The bill totaled to 1412.40 baht included vat and service charge.  I am not so fond of the ++ tradition.  The bottled water cost 40 baht – pricy!  Overall, my experience at the 4 Garcons was impressive.  Atmosphere was great.  Service staffs were nice and helpful – knowledgeable of the menu.  The French food in the lunch may not be the greatest but it was definitely enjoyable and well worth it.  I think if I have tie I would come back here for dinner sometimes.  I want to know if their dinner menu is different.  If you have gone to the 4 Garcons at Thonglor, please share your experience. 

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