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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HOBS House of Beers Pub & Restaurant - Thonglor, Bangkok

HOBS - House of Beers Pub & Restaurant Thonglor, Bangkok - Hoegarden, Stella, Leffe

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

HOBS - House of Beer - Pub and Restaurant on BumRes.com

The name HOBS – is it short for House of Beers? Lol… At first I was thinking of Hops, the ingredient in the beer.  HOBS is a chill spot with laid back atmosphere, where you can slowly drink your beer and enjoy the night with the lively crowd.  Its location couldn’t be more convenient, being across the street from the J-Avenue.  I am not sure when the place starts cracking but they were already open when I got there at 5pm.  This Pub and restaurant is serving until about midnight and you can probably hang out until one o’clock.  As far as I know, HOBS has a second location at Soi Aree.  Are there any other branches elsewhere? I am not sure.  If you plan to go this weekend, I suggest making a reservation because this is a hot spot.  Two seating areas to choose from, indoor is limited amount and outdoor is perfect for nighttime.  Friendly staffs are sure to take care of you to till you drop.  

Personally, the HOBS is good for beers and snacks.  During the World Cup, my friends and I hung out there often.  Three choices of draft beer available are Hoegarden, Stella, Leffe; these brands are always together.  They must have the same distributor.  I largely had the three types mentioned.  HOBS has many other choices of international beers in bottle.  For the quantity and price, draft choices are much more worth it.  I tried one bottled beer, Kwak – see photo.  It was served in a horn shape glass with round bottom, leaning on a wooden stand – cool presentation, isn’t it? The limited choices of food weren’t their charm but we managed to order what we enjoyed every time.  Common pick is the Belgian Fries served with six different sauces.  Variety of flavors will keep you snacking joyfully.  All of them were tasty.  We always ordered a couple of dishes to enjoy with our beers; mostly western style – all great with the HOBS.       

Going with friends, the bill usually comes to around 800 – 1000 baht per person or depending on how drunk you want to get.  Price has service and vat included.  Once I ended up spending like 1,500 baht for five pints and the food.  I like the HOBS, comfortable and mind soothing – great for socializing.  Chilling at the House of Beers once every month or two months will work for me.   

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