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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drinking Tea and Eating Rice Japanese Restaurant - Conrad Hotel, Bangkok

Drinking Tea and Eating Rice @ Japanese Restaurant Conrad Hotel, Bangkok Buffet 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   2.5/5

Drinking Tea Eating Rice - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The other day I found a topic in Pantip’s webboard about where to find the all you can eat Hotate.  One reply recommended to go to the Drinking Tea Eating Rice for the 980++ Buffet.  This Japanese restaurant is located within the Conrad Hotel on Wireless Road.  Next day after reading the review, I went there with my brother but the Sushi counter was full so we booked for the next Saturday.  To be honest, I was eagerly looking forward to the day.  For a Japanese restaurant in a five star hotel, I had high expectation with the Drinking Tea Eating Rice at Conrad Hotel.  Finally the day had come, my brother and I got there about half past noon.  I was starving entering the restaurant.  The five star hotel atmosphere was pleasant; interior design was beautiful, decorated with Japanese elements, dimmed lighting, and slow music.  Customer service took great care of us.   They were dressed nicely, constantly refilled our drinks, readily available to help, clear empty plates quickly – very impressive five star hotel service. 

Prior to going to the Drinking Tea Eating Rice, I did some research about the menu already – so, I knew what I wanted.  First to serve right away was the soft boiled omelets and salad.  The salad was so so but the omelet was super delicious.  Shortly after the first course, the chef served five choices Sashimi right on the bar.  There were akami, salmon, ebi shrimp, Hokkigai, and tilapia.  It was a nice warm up round before the Sushi.  All of them were pretty fresh – cut into good bit size.  I noticed that the wasabi wasn’t real – the chef squeezed it from a huge packet.  After all the Sashimi, we ordered Sushi and all kinds of rolls one after another.  I could order to the chef directly or order with the server.  For Sushi, size wasn’t so big; about 70% of typical size.  Well, it is a buffet – I can eat as much as I want anyways.  I liked the fact that I could order multiple bites at once.  Overall quality of the sushi was acceptable for a five star hotel but not the most outstanding level.    

My most favorite menu today was the Hotate or what we call scallops.  It was my main purpose of this visit at Drinking Tea Eating Rice, so I ordered more than 10 bites of the Hotate.  Second most favorite was the Salmon; I can’t remember how many of it I had.  As well as the Ebi Shrimp, I had more than paid for, lol…  Other choices were general.  One comment on the Yellow tail or Hamachi, it didn’t look like Hamachi.  Even the taste was different from what I knew.  I don’t think I ordered it wrong.  Please see the photo and tell me if you think the same.  There were six special rolls in the menu.  I ordered the Unagi rolls; it was tasty.  Other types of rolls were acceptably good.  I ended the excessive sushi meal with the Green Tea Ice-cream.  I have never had Green Tea Ice-cream this good before.  Thinking about it now, I wish I had about three scoops of it right at this second.  

The total came to 2,300 baht, so about 1,150 baht per person.  My brother said that the selection was limited for the price.  For 400 baht more, we could have gone to Lord Jim.  Actually I agreed with him.  I had tried only one counter of Lord Jim and it was comparable to Drinking Tea Eating Rice, if not better.  All in all, my experience at this Japanese Buffet was somewhat impressive – except for the smaller sized sushi.  The Green Tea Ice-cream really made up for it.  It must be homemade.  If not, somebody tell me where to buy it.  I want more of that ice-cream – so delicious!  

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