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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Basilico Pizzaria Italian Restaurant - Aree, Bangkok

Basilico Pizzaria Italian Restaurant - Aree, Bangkok

Overall Score  5/10
Taste   2.5/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   2/5

Basilico Pizzaria - Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Basilico is an Italian restaurant.  As far as I know, there are three locations of the Basilico.  First two branches are in the Sukhumvit area.  And the third one is at the Aree area, G floor of the Yodsawadee Building, which is the one I am reviewing.  This Italian joint has a uniquely hip atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating area.  On the night of my visit, the weather was nice with the slight breeze but it wasn’t nice enough to force me to sit in the open air.  The Basilico has about twenty tables; a good size restaurant.  Service staffs were great, comparable to a top notch restaurant in luxurious hotels of Bangkok. 

Prior to visiting the Basilico, I have read many reviews about this Italian restaurant.  Many people have put up good reviews about it, so I have a high expectation on the Basilico Italian restaurant @ Aree.  In the Pizza design menu, there are exactly 156 items for you to choose (numbered in menu); all squeezed into the two page menu.  When I first got the one sheet menu in my hand, I thought – what a small menu.    Then as I skimmed through both sides, I was surprised about the amount of selections listed on there.  Average price of dishes at the Basilico ranged between 300-500 baht mostly.  I went there with my mom but she felt kind of sick in her stomach, so I only ordered three dishes.  First two dish of my choice came from the recommendation in the reviews I read about.  First one was the Mozzarella in Carrozza (Basic deep fried Mozzarella for 200++ baht).  The reviewed cheered this menu so much – bragging about how great and how delicious it was.  Honestly, it was good but it wasn’t breathing taking good like I had expected it to be.  Second dish was a Tuna Salad (260++ baht), which the reviewer highly recommended.  In my opinion, it was so so – almost not delicious.  The dressing was way to sour and the spring mix didn’t seem to be as fresh.  Good thing about this menu was the portion of the Tuna.  It was canned Tuna (cheap), so I wasn’t so excited about.  The last menu was my pick, which was the Salsiccia E Zafferano for 350++ baht.  You can simply call this menu a Sausage Risotto.  First glance of it was already disappointing since I was expecting a saucy Risotto.  For 400 Baht, it was just a sausage over rice.  It was not so enjoyable – too creamy and the flavors were not all there.  It was a bad choice.  

The total came to 983 Baht with Vat + Service that I am not so fond of.  My dinner at the Basilico Italian wasn’t as I expected at all.  That review I read about was no good.  Well - with only three choices out of 156 dishes, it is difficult to conclude that the Basilico is a mishit.  If I get a chance in the future, I give it another try.  All other elements such as atmosphere, service, or location are awesome.  To all Italian food fans, please share your thoughts once you have tried this spot.     

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