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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Italian Job - Villa Aree, Bangkok

Italian Job - Italian Restaurant Villa - Aree, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

Italian Job - Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

 The Italian Job at Villa Aree – I believe this one just opened in the midst of the year 2010.  I got to know about this restaurant from a good friend of mine; they said that the food was delicious.  It was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I was in the area and many restaurants were still closed except the ones in the mall.  I thought about this restaurant so I decided to check it out.  A simple yet stylish design of the Italian Job built an easygoing atmosphere.  Size is medium to small with about 10 tables.  Service staffs were dressed in uniform.  They were kind and service minded; I was impressed with how I was welcomed and treated.   For the awkward time being, my table was the one and only in the Italian Job.  I am not sure if the restaurant intentionally served the menu one at a time.  I felt like the food was coming out too slow because of the time gap between each dishes. 

Italian Job has many dishes for me to choose.  Selections covered a wide range of Italian specialties, including appetizer, salad, Pasta, Main dish, Pizza, and dessert.  Average price is considered cheaper than most Italian restaurants of the same grade.  The restaurant also had a fair amount of wine to choose at low budget prices.  I am not a wine expert, so you can see the wine list I put up in tab menu and tell me if their selections are workable with your preference.  After a short while, the Caprese Salad (220 baht) was served.  Its presentation was attractive and it tasted remarkable.  As you can see in the photo, I took a whole bite of each bulk at once.  I like the cheese and the tomato together.  I enjoyed them very much – good menu.  Then a short wait again until the Beef Pannini (149 baht) came out.  The look of this Italian Burger was ordinary.  And the taste was nothing exciting but it was good. 

Third menu of this early dinner at the Italian Job was the Angel Hair with Shrimp and Garlic (245 baht).  The pasta was perfectly cooked; it had such a great texture.  While matched with the tasty sauce and fresh shrimp, the whole dish was lip smacking good.  Impressive Pasta of the Italian Job at Villa Aree – I recommend this menu to all of you.  Last menu of this meal was the Sea Bass Steak (280 baht).  Its appearance was plain – almost unattractive, I thought (please see the photo).  The taste was average; nice and simple.  For dessert, I ordered the Blueberry Cheese Pie (95 baht).  This sweet ending was proportionate and it was super delicious.  Mid layer of this Pie was flooded with cheese (not so much flour like other places I have experienced), which added the full bodied flavor to the whole.  What a delightful dessert! 

Total price of my meal at the Italian Job at Villa Aree was 1,417 baht included 10% service charge but there was no tax (good deal – I saved 7%) – unlike many Italian places that always add the Vat.  My dinner was rather impressive.  I felt so happy after the meal for some reason – could it be the affect of the wine? I talked to the server about this place and he told me that there are two other locations in Soi Ekamai and Sukhumvit 16 but with a different name, I can’t remember.  I have no idea about the precise location neither.  If you know about it, please tell me.  I am sure many of you have gone to this restaurant, please share your thoughts.  

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