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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

French 2 Go French Restaurant - Asoke, Bangkok

French 2 Go - French Restaurant @ Asoke, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   4/5

French-To Go - French Bistro on BumRes.com

French To Go was a restaurant that my professor recommended a while back.  Locating at the Sukhumvit 12 made it difficult for me to go during the weekdays due to fact that I hate inner city traffic.  And on the weekends I usually go to Chinese restaurant with my family.  Finally the time had come, this past Saturday was the occasion.  Parking is available at the Timesquare with costs.  In front of the shop is a couple of spots to test your luck.  When I first saw the French To Go, my impression was - small! A cafe set up was as big as a studio apartment.  French To Go - the name persuade customers to take home but there are about six small tables for eating in. 

The business hours of French To Go cover your three meals.  French To Go is a French restaurant (Cafe) that is not serving the courses tradition.  Their focus is on the single serving menu, like a Bistro style.  French meal here is surely affordable at 90-250 baht per dish.  Menu is smaller; not too many choices.  For my mother and I, we ordered four dishes.  First one was the Onion soup (95 baht).  With its deceiving look, it was one of the best Onion soup I have had in a while - I really liked it.  Second menu was the Tomatoes Pravencales (169 baht), a Penne with ground pork stuff tomato halves.  Good portion and great taste - impressive. 

Our third dish was the Beef Bourgignon (249 baht) - a menu recommended by my professor.  He said that he was so fond of this menu; stew beef and veggies.  I remember he said it was served like a soup, but I got it with Penne.  Well, it was delicious just as I expected.  Fourth dish was a supreme crepe (120 baht).  Stuffing was lots of random condiments; egg, ham, mushroom, and more.  I had just learned that crepe is a French origin.  I thought it was a Japanese influence.  The French To Go - four out of four dishes were satisfying both in taste and portion.  My mom and I fell in love with the food here so we wanted to try their dessert.  Crepe Pomme Cannelle (135 baht) was our choice, with Cinnamon stuffing and a choice of ice-cream.  We chose cookie and cream.  I am not a dessert person but this one captured my heart.  Crepe is an amazing creation, isn't it? Crepe could match well with meat as much as fruits. 

Total damage was 1,166 baht exactly, included another French To Go - Beef Lasagna to take home (230 baht).  I already had it earlier - better than some Italian restaurant even.  I didn't take a photo of the Beef Lasagna.  To conclude, we ordered six dishes - all of them were delicious.  Only if the place was bigger and easier for commuting by a car - the French To Go would be so great.  Service was fine.  The food was a little bit slow but worth the short wait.  I definitely recommend this restaurant to all of you.  If commuting to the French To Go wasn't convenient for you, they have a delivery service.   I am not sure about the area coverage, please check the official website of the French To Go. 

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