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Friday, June 15, 2012

Vieng Joom On Cafe & Bakery - Chaing Mai

Vieng Joom On - Chaing Mai - Tea house and bakery

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   3.5/5

Vieng Joom On Cafe & Bakery on BumRes.com

If you are travelling to Chiang Mai, some of you may have a plan to go to Vieng Joom On or VJO, which is a chic tea house with the lovely and romantic atmosphere along the Ping River.  I have gone to VJO twice during my visits in Chiang Mai.  Apologies to coffee fans, this café is strictly serving tea only.  My friends went to buy coffee from outside and tried to get in but the staffs said no food or drinks from outside allowed.   So, don’t be a fool like my friend – just relax and enjoy their aromatic tea and desserts. 

I assume that VJO is aiming to serve tourists more than locals because the price of goodies there is not cheap, averaged to about Starbucks coffee rate, which is around 120 – 150 baht.  And for desserts and cakes, prices are comparable to Coffee Bean.  You can probably consider this spot to be the Hi-So‘s hangout spot in Chiang Mai.  There were ten of us on this trip to Chiang Mai, we ordered only five drinks, a couple of sandwiches, and four desserts.      

Fabulous drinks they serve here at Vieng Joom On – see photos.  All of them were refreshing; a couple of them were tasty but others were just simple.  I tasted all of them myself, in case you are curious, lol… Desserts were heavenly good.  The tea made the desserts tasted even better.  We also ordered their sandwiches; club sandwich and spinach.  My friends loved the spinach one.  There are more choices of snacks in case you want to come and have lunch there.    

All in all, Vieng Joom On in Chiang Mai is a great chill out spot that you shouldn’t miss.  Chitchat with your company, slowly sip your tea, nibble on the desserts, feel the slight breeze ashore the river – absolutely perfect vacation moments.  Going there with your special someone could be mood setting for the activity (dessert testing, lol…)

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