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Friday, June 15, 2012

Living Room (Mediterranean Restaurant) - Sukhumvit 20, Bangkok

Living Room (Mediterenean Restaurant) Sukhumvit 20 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3.5/5

Living Room - Mediterenean Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Living Room was a restaurant that I found through a deal offer online – tiktokthai.  This website focuses on the more expensive deal, like the deal I bought was 2000 baht value for the price of 900 or so – I can’t remember exactly but it was quite a bargain.  The Living Room by KOI must be an expansion of the KOI Japanese restaurant in the same complex, features a Mediterranean fusion cuisine.  

Architecture of the Living Room was intriguing, shaped like and upside down or tilted pyramid covered with segments of glass windows opening up to the sky.  The remarkable design of this place added a great sense of modernity to the top of the line atmosphere.  You have to see the structure yourself – you will be amazed.  Service was great; I could tell that staffs were trained well, matched a five star hotel – I could say.  Therefore, the Living Room gets all the points I could give for the service and atmosphere.  Actually, can I take a point off for the mosquitoes inside the restaurant?  

Regarding the food of the Living Room, it is Mediterranean.  Since it was a first time introduced to this kind of food, I didn’t know what to expect.  To me, it was like European but with the spices, pita, and cous cous rice – or in other words, it has the contexts of Islamic food like Moroccan or Greek cuisine.  This restaurant didn’t have many selections, just like the Aston @ CDC.  I just went there and their food menu was so small.  Price range is about the same, 300 – 800 baht.  Please see details in the tab menu as usual.  

I was part of a party of four.  We ordered many dishes.  In this set; first one was the Fish Soup (Server recommended it) I thought it was just alright but my friends liked it.  Second dish was the Shrimp Avocado (320 baht); I really liked its mild yet delightful flavors.  Next up was the Mixed Mediterranean Plate (400 baht), which was weird for Thai people.  My friends and I all agreed.  You might like it.  It is a matter of personal preference. 

In the second set, first one was the Risotto mushroom (300 baht), delicious to my standard.  Mediterranean Risotto, Italian influence I assumed.  I was so impressed with the Risotto at the Treecreeper @ Silom, a while back, and now I just found another great Risotto.  Next up in the set was the Monk Fish served with some kind of crab wrap; beautifully presented.  Third one was the Sea Bass Suzuki, which was amazingly mouthwatering good.  Everyone was in love with this menu and its large portion adequately pleased all of us.  Fourth in the main dish set was the Foie Gras with Mediterranean rice and vegetables.  Size of the Foie Gras was about right for 700 baht.  Only the Foie Gras was remarkable, the rice and the veggies were just props really.  Fifth main dish was the Lamb Stew, served in great portion.  The taste was not bad but it didn’t get me excited.  By this time, we were getting stuffed.  The Beef Carpaccio came without knowing.  We forgot about it.  For 600 baht, portion was only about half of the 300 baht Beef Carpaccio at Casa Antonio by Giorgio’s in Chiang Mai.  I told my friends, sorry guys, I ordered it. 

With this group of friends – no matter how much appetizers and mains we had, we somehow always manage to finish the meal with desserts.  We ordered four desserts, please see the photos.  Presentation was spectacular.  I liked the Tiramisu the most, so different, so delicious!

The total damage of this meal was no joke.  With a bottle of Sparkling wine, the bill was 9,000 baht.  Since we had the 50% discount deal, we didn’t have to worry.  For the first time to Mediterranean food at the Living Room, I enjoyed everything; food was good, caring service, awesome atmosphere.  Only the price was too high – without the deal, it would be a tough choice for a middle class like me to visit.  I suggest this spot to you all – The Living Room at Sukhumvit 20.  

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