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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scala Chinese Restaurant - Siam Square, Bangkok

Scala Chinese Restaurant Siam Square, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   4/5

Scala Chinese Restaurant on BUmRes.com

The Scala is a very old Chinese restaurant that has been serving authentic Chinese food for over 30 years.  Its location is right below the Scala Theatre.  About five years ago I went to eat there with my family often.  Until recently, I was walking by there and I started to recall a good old memory of delicious Chinese dishes of the Scala.  When I went home, I reminded that my parents about the Scala and we decided to go there for dinner this past Saturday.  The look of the front of the restaurant had been changed; large image of their Chinese dishes were on advertise.  I remember that before it was a simple and classic decoration.  However, once we were inside the restaurant; I could feel the old times with its luxurious atmosphere.  At the Scala Chinese restaurant @ Siam Square, setting is more ambiance with less chaotic compared to other Chinese places.  I am not sure what it was that created the different feel.  Could it be the spacing between each tables or a different group of customers.  Back then the place was always busy; sometime we had to wait for tables.  Five years later, nothing had changed much; they were still in good business.  So, I was sure that the Scala’s overall quality persisted with age. 

Food selection of the Scala is sufficient – not too many and not too few.  Price of dishes ranged between 200 – 3000 baht depending on your choice.  At every Chinese restaurant, I like to order the Chinese appetizers such as the Jelly Fish with sesame oil, Crispy Shrimp bread, Shanghai noodles, and Drunken chicken.  My dad wanted to go for different selections this time so our first choice was the Pekking duck (850 baht).  To my surprise, this menu was the first one to come to the table.  Usually this menu takes longer to prepare and get served last.  The Pekking duck of Scala was great; delicious just like the one served at the China Palace that I am so fond of.  Besides coming out so fast, the downside was that flour sheets weren’t as warm as at the China Palace.  Main part of this menu is the crispy skin served with cucumber, scallions, and the special sweet sauce.  The rest of the duck, which is the meat part gets cook as you request; to fry with garlic or to stir-fry with seasoning or to make a grounded duck meat stuffing.  Our choice was the last option, which turned out so perfectly delicious.  

Following menu was the Special eel stir-fried (250 baht).  We asked our server about this menu and he explained until we had the most mouth-watering image.  Once served, it was exactly like what the server told us; eel stir-fried with soy sauce with a sprinkle of chopped ginger.  But, there was only eel skin in the dish.  Its taste was yummy, don’t get me wrong.  Only if the dish had the eel meat included, it would be a really great menu.  Next one was the Goy See Mee, my brother’s favorite.  I thought it was just okay.  A tweak in this noodle dish was the white Chinese Chives, which was a wonderful addition.   Next menu was the Kung Krajok or Shrimp stir-fried (250 baht).  This one was simple and enjoyable; good size shrimps were fresh and firm, de-shelled, stir-fried with a mild yet savory sauce – great menu, I recommend it!  Last one was fried Pigeon, a rare menu that you won’t find at all Chinese restaurants in Bangkok.  The Scala impressed me with its heavily seasoned flavor stop the super crispy skin.  To traditionally enjoy with the Chinese vegetables completed the dish to a nice harmony.  

The bill totaled to 2,264 baht only, without the service charge and vat.  Hot tea was only 11 baht per person.  Honestly, we were all so stuffed with all the high quality and delicious Chinese dishes – definitely a great deal.  I have nothing complain about this well aged establishment at all; good food, fast service, kind server, and best value.  The Scala Chinese restaurant at Siam Square is a great choice.  I totally recommend this restaurant to be on your eat-out list.  You surely won’t be disappointed. 

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