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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pathummat Restaurant International Buffet - Siam City Hotel, Bangkok

Pathummat International Buffet Restaurant - Siam City Hotel, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   8/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4.5/5

Patummat International Buffet Restaurant on BumRes.com

Personally I am not so fond of the self service Buffet.  Especially the international food buffet since I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to properly plate each courses on my own.  This kind of places must have some kind of promotion attraction such as the Rom Sai that has all you can drink wine or Imperial Queen’s Park that was my dad’s treat, lol…  For this case, Pathummat International Buffet of the Siam City Hotel had the Burger Bonanza festival.  Recently I had been hunting for real burgers with my friend who is crazy about hearty burgers.  Pathummat at Siam City Hotel turned out to be the spot for a night out.  

Siam City Hotel at Phaya Thai intersection is a four star hotel.  The Patthummat restaurant is located on the G floor of the hotel.  There weren’t too many people when we got there 15 minutes early so we were seated right away.  Burger Bonanza turned out to be just a small section of the International buffet.  Oh well, there were all kinds of appetizing selections; Pastas, Roasted lamb and beef, Steaks, Sashimi, and bunch of other things.  I had the burger with US Beef, Lamb, and Salmon.  Everything was delicious; good quality and well prepared.  About the mini size burger, beef patty was smaller but nice and thick.  The buns had soft texture and crispy on the outside.  We chose our own cheese and the condiments.  Overall, the burger was greatly enjoyable.  Roasted meats were awesome unlike the steak; I thought it was a bit tough.   

Within the whole international buffet Patthummat, I was mostly around the Seafood and Sashimi.  Oysters, scallops, crab, and NZ Mussels were alright; acceptable but wasn’t the highest quality.  Best of the seafood was the boiled shrimp on ice for the shrimp cocktails.  I had them with the Thai spicy seafood sauce; I must have had at least a dozen of it.  Shrimp was fresh with crisp texture.  Other areas of the buffet; Thai and Chinese dishes - I didn’t care for too much.  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about their tacos, stuffed with Mexican seasoned ground beef and variety of toppings.  I have never had it this kind of food in Thailand at all, what a scrumptious menu.  

In terms of dessert, the Patthummat ‘s variety choices appeared so delightful.  I am not a dessert person but this place impressed me.  In my opinion, the highlight was the Chocolate fudge served warm – super delicious.  There were nine flavors of ice-cream – I wondered if they were homemade.  We dished all flavors in one bowl to share (Swensen’s Earthquake style), see the photo.  At first we were planning to grub the burger but other choices of the food at Patthummat were also striking.  

Besides the variety of the international food selection, I would like to comment on the customer service.  Staffs were so nice; standing just off our sight but with much attention at our table.  They were constantly refilling our drinks and clearing out the table.  Even when we were seating, they were moving the chair in as well as spreading our napkins for us.  Impressive service, we were treated with a five star service in a four star hotel.   

To conclude, my experience at the Patthummat was overall impressive.  Compared to two international buffets that I just experienced, Rom Sai and Imperial Queen’s Park – what Patthummat had to offer was much more valuable in various aspects, in terms of taste, freshness, service, and more importantly, the price.  On this visit, regular price was 800++ per head but the deal was four people for the price of two.  We ended up paying about 540 baht per person.  I was so surprised that no one had reviewed this fine restaurant of the Siam City Hotel before (not that I have seen anyways).  Commuting to this restaurant was convenient with the BTS Phayathai station or if you drive, plenty of parking is available for free.   Whoever is interested in this superior choice of international buffet, I highly recommend it.  Please feel free to share your experience of the Patthummat with everyone.  

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