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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review of Ni-yom Phochana Thai Chinese Seafood Restaurant - Thonglor Rd., Bangkok

Ni-yom Phochana - Thai Chinese Seafood Restaurant Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  2.5/5
Service  3/5
Value   4.5/5

Niyom Pochana Seafood Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Ni-yom Phochana is long existed Chinese-Thai restaurant that was once my family’s regular spot.  There are a couple of restaurants that my family loves to go to; Ton krueng Thai food@ Thonglor 13 and the Great Shanghai Chinese restaurant at Sukhumvit 24, where you will find the best Pekking duck in Thailand.  Ni-yom Phochana is resided within two connecting townhomes with additional tables on the curb also.  The set up is all open air, a very local style.  I was here fifteen years ago and everything still remained the same.  This restaurant is on the Thonglor road.  If you have been to Thonglor area, you sure have gone passed it.  You can find parking along the street somewhere.

Ni-yom Phochana serves Thai, Chinese, and seafood dishes - with a massive amount of selection.  Prices range between 100-200 baht approximately, which is considered to be so cheap for the Thonglor area.  I can’t remember how much it was when I came here as a child.  I am sure the price went up some, but not so much I assumed.  Contrast to the down to earth street atmosphere, the service was quite hi-end.  Servers were educated and well mannered.  We were treated like a family unlike many street restaurants in Bangkok, where they can careless about what customers have to say.  We didn’t have to wait long for the food at all.  It is too bad that the restaurant is on the street and there was no fan; I was constantly sweating throughout my dinner at Ni-yom Phochana @ Thonglor.       

Our first dish at Ni-yom Phochana was the Fresh oyster (60 baht for one).  They were so big for being a domestic.  My mom said it was about 45 baht 15 years ago – not so much increase in price.  The oysters were fresh since it wasn’t smelly but it lacked the natural sweetness.  Second dish was the Seafood Lard Na or Fried noodle with seafood (250 baht), huge serving size.  Lots of small pieces of seafood and there was no fish.  The taste of the gravy was so amazing; only if it had prawns and fried sea bass, it would be the perfect Lard na noodles.

Third menu was the Seafood combination soup (150 baht).  Ni-yom Phochana’s assortment of seafood in this soup was similar to their noodles.  Its super delicious hot and sour broth kept everyone slurping with joy.  It must be the amount of Thai basil in the soup that offers the wonderful herbal aroma.  Fourth dish was the Fried Grouper with sweet chili sauce (400 baht), good size fish for low price.  This one weighed about 0.6 kg (Grouper cost about 1,000 baht/kg normally).  For this menu, the three-flavored sauce was great but the fish wasn’t as fresh.  It was still enjoyable though.  Last menu was the Crispy fried shrimp ball, which was so basic – nothing special about it.  I just had this menu at La Mour@ Sammakorn Village the other day.  It was done with better presentation and more tasteful.   

For more than a decade, the Ni-yom Phochana is still continuing to serve Thai – Chinese Seafood on Thonglor road.  It is quite a distinctive restaurant as it kept the whole concept of earthy street seafood really well while there are more and more fancy and stylish restaurants popping up like mushrooms in this neighborhood.  Anyways, I think that they need to have the A/C already.  I guess I can’t complain much because their price is quite a bargain.  If you are in for delicious food at good price and you don’t mind the sweating – Ni-yom Phochana @ Thonglor is the one! 

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