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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Golden Chicken - Chinese Restaurant Review - Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok

Golden Chicken Chinese Restaurant, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

Kai Thong - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Kai Thong or Golden Chicken is a Chinese restaurant that is not so much like many other Chinese restaurants you have experienced.  This one serves the Cantonese style Chinese food, known to be good and expensive.  Some of you may have heard the second location located at Thonglor 13 before, the name is Luk Kai Thong.  A good friend of mine have told me about the Luk Kai Thong that it was just okay, nothing about it would make you drive across town.  So, I was kind of expected that Kai Thong would be similar to the Luk Kai Thong. 

The Golden Chicken is at Muang Thong Thani off of the Chaeng Wattana road.  Driving there is the best choice of transportation.  If you were coming from the city, take the toll expressway and get off on Chaeng Wattana road and take a left.  Take a right at the first intersection underneath a bridge.  Keep driving down the road for about a kilometer and you will find the restaurant on the right hand side.  Parking is available along the street side. 

Atmosphere of the Golden Chicken is cleaner than typical Chinese restaurants in Bangkok.  The whole dining room was brightly lit and very lively with all the customers.  This was no place to get romantic with your partner.  This restaurant is most suitable for enjoying the food with family and friends.  At the Kai Thong @ Muangthong Thani, you will find mainly the Chinese cooking style from Hong Kong.  They also have a good selection of Seafood dishes as well as some commonly know Thai dishes.  I was with a party of four.  We got there around 7pm and the place was completely packed.  We had about three tables waiting before us.  So, we were looking in the menu to kill time.  The picture menu of the Golden Chicken was making me feel very hungry.  Everything was looking so delicious.  We actually didn’t have to wait for long but we pretty much knew what we wanted before we even got our table.  One of the friends going with had been there a couple of times.  She recommended a couple of dishes.  I think we ordered about seven core dishes to share; variety of choices, big and small portion. 

At Golden Chicken, the first dish to come was the Lard Na Moo Medium size (270 baht).  If you know this dish, it is a simple menu that you can buy off the streets anywhere in Thailand for less than 100 baht.  The look of it was ordinary.  For the portion, I even thought I was too small for the price.  Well, it was done Hong Kong style and you could choose the noodles; flat rice noodles or thin rice noodles.  We chose the flat noodles.  Once I tasted it, the quality was superb; the noodles, the pork, the kale, and the gravy.  In this menu, Kai Thong used Hong Kong Kale, which is larger, fresh and crispy, and more delicious than kale found locally.  With its surprisingly high price, I saw the Lard Na Moo on almost every table in the restaurant.  I got the feel that most of the customers coming to Golden Chicken were regular because I noticed than many tables ordered without the menu.  

Second menu at Golden Chicken was the Kao Yok (350 baht), which is the braised pork belly with Hong Kong preserved cabbage.  The black soy broth was a little bit sweet.  The pork was overtly tender and juicy (and fattening).  This menu was served with the Mun Tow (80 baht) or the white rice bun, which was an amazing bun; so soft and moist.  I was so in love with this menu.  The pork, the veggie, and the bun all were so great together.  This menu is a must try.  The next two dishes were more like an appetizer.   First was the Sui Kao (120 baht) or steamed fried dumpling with topping and seasoning on top.  This one was simple but tastefully done.  Another one was Jee-Pha (300 baht) or a lightly battered and fried pork Korean style.  The cut of meat was good quality; with a little bit of fat to keep the meat juicy and tasty.  It was served with the spicy Thai Isaan sauce but in my opinion, the meat was already great on its own. 

So far so good at Golden Chicken! After four dishes, my friends and I were impressed with all of them.  Next dish was a Thai dish, Kang Pah or spicy curry soup with sliced beef (300 baht).  This Kang Pah must be the most expensive one I have ever had.  The taste was just like any Kang Pah I have had at Thai restaurants elsewhere. The different must be the good quality beef and other fresh ingredients.  This menu may not be the proper pick at a Chinese restaurant, but it didn’t disappoint anyone.

We still have two more dishes to come.  These two dishes were also highlights.  It looks like this whole meal was a highlight, lol…  First one was the pig’s liver stir-fried with pepper and garlic.  Usually I don’t like to eat the pig’s liver.  With its wonderful look, I had to give it a shot.  I couldn’t believe myself; the liver wasn’t like what I have had it the past at all.  For people who don’t eat insides, liver is definitely a weird ingredient for your meal.  For this particular menu, I must insist that you try it out.  It had the impression of the foie gras but not exactly.  The liver was not overcooked so it was soft and juicy inside.  Good menu! Last one was the most expensive dish in the meal, the Goong Shae Buay or shrimp with plum sauce.  The shrimp cost 1,400 baht per kilogram.  We had only half a kilo.  Please look at the size of it, so incredible!  The shrimp was so fresh with the perfect texture, smothered in the super delicious sauce of garlic and plum.  This menu was To Die For.  It was the last menu that made this whole dining experience at the Golden Chicken of Muangthong Thani a memorable one. 

We moved on to the desserts.  We ordered three choices.  First was the durian ice-cream (70 baht), mild flavor but it had just enough scent of the durian.  Second was the Bua loy nam khing (70 baht) or the flour ball in ginger tea.  This one was nothing special; just like the Thai dessert stalls anywhere.  Last dessert was the Icing mountain with syrup and topping.  This one was great for sharing.  It was an upgraded version of the street one.  Huge and full of delicious condiments; all of us love it.  What a delightful way to end the meal.  I recommend you all to try this dessert.    

So, the dining experience at the Golden Chicken was more than satisfying.  It was a culinary heaven for oriental food lovers.  The price is higher than usual but for me, it was well worth it to get the delicious high quality food in return.  My aunt and her friends are already regular customers at the Golden Chicken or Kai Thong @ Muangthong Thani.  I will look forward to going back there again and try other favorite menus. 

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