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Friday, August 17, 2012

Review of Bon Chon Chicken Korean Restaurant - SeenSpace Thonglor, Bangkok

Bon Chon Chicken - Korean Restaurant, SeenSpace Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

BonChon Chicken - Korean Restaurant on BumRes.com

I have known the Bon Chon Chicken for quite some time.  Bon Chon Chicken’s first location is at the SeenSpace in Thonglor area.  A couple of years had passed but I never had the urge to try out the Korean fried chicken.  Personally I never fancy Korean food anywhere since I have never been impressed with any Korean restaurants I have gone to.  Until a good friend of mine recommended the Bon Chon Chicken, I finally went to check it out.  Bon Chon Chicken must be in good business because they started a second location at the Central World 6th floor.  The one at SeenSpace seemed to be doing fine since a few other restaurants that were there from the beginning with Bon Chon already went out of business; such as the Vincenzo Café, Tudari, and a Thai restaurant (I can’t recall the name).  At this time other restaurants still in business are Roast, Gyu Gyu Tei, Wine Me Up, and Kihiro. 

When I first saw the menu at Bon Chon Chicken, I was wondering why they only have so few selections in the menu.  Moreover, the choices appeared to be very fusion – between Korean and American.  In the small menu, there were the signature Bon Chon Chicken at three serving sizes, snack food, salads, and rice bowls.  I felt like I was in a fast food restaurant in Korea.  However, it was a fast food with Vat + service charge and they have table service.  Prices of food are reasonably low, around 150 – 200 baht approximately.   

At Bon Chon Chicken, you can’t leave without trying the special recipe Bon Chon chicken.  There are several aspects to make this chicken special.  First is the thin and crispy chicken skin.  Second is the frying technique.  Lastly is the marinade and sauce that is glazed over the chicken.  You can choose wings, drums, and boneless - that’s it.  I assume it the white meat that they want to exclude.  In my opinion, the chicken breast can’t absorb the marinade in so well.  Well, they really know how to make the Chicken.  I loved it.  I tried the Garlic and the Hot; I liked the Hot one more but I felt that it would be more delicious if it was more spicy.  Yeah, I like it hot! The sauce glazing the crispy skin was To-die-for.   Bon Chon Chicken is much better than KFC for sure. 

Besides the Bon Chon Chicken, we had the French fries (80 baht).  The fries itself didn’t have any that special to make me go crazy like the chicken.  But, the sauce that came with the fries was so delicious – the Spicy Mayo sauce.  We also had the Takojung or the mini squid smothered in Korean style sauce (120 baht).  This one was a unique one; I haven’t never had it anywhere before.  I loved it a lot.  Bon Chon Chicken really knew how to spice up the squid to an amazing snack food.  Last dish we had was the Spicy seaweed salad (160 baht), which was so ordinary.  The portion was pleasing and the dressing had a nice spice. 

Bon Chon Chicken is a Korean restaurant (or not?) that impressed me more than any other Korean restaurants I have gone to (in Bangkok).  I have had Korean food in Korea and the food was so delicious unlike the K-restaurants in Bangkok.  What I like about this place are; the intense flavoring that is so pleasing to Thai palates and the good price.  There are only 15 items in the menu but  Bon Chon Chicken is sure to keep good quality for their small selection.  I will definitely come back here after work one day to drink beer and eat the Bon Chon Chicken till I drop lol…    

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