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Sunday, August 5, 2012

25 Degrees Bangkok - Burger Joint Review

25 Degrees Bangkok - New American Restaurant - Burger Lunch Set at Pullman G Hotel, Bangkok - open 24 hours

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

25 Degrees Bangkok - Burger Joint on BumRes.com

The 25 degrees is newly opened restaurant located at the first floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, where the Sofitel Silom used to be.  A friend of mine found this new Burger joint and thought of me because he knew that I was a big fan of Burgers.  I became so fond of Burger when I was living in the U.S.  Now that I came back to Thailand, I have always been looking for real burgers.  Hard Rock Café@ Siam Square was always my choice.  And other places I can think of are Firehouse, Iron Fairies, and Hyde and Seek.  In fact there is another place near Tha Pra Arthit.  It is called the Escapade, where the burger is good and cheap.  For many Thai people, they only know burgers at fast food chain restaurants.  Well, I must admit that I was an ignorant too, as a child.  I used to like those places a lot.  Anyways, those chains have nothing to compare to 25 degrees.  Here is their slogan, “25 degrees… not just another spot to grab an ordinary burger.”   Under the name 25 degress, they have been serving burgers since 2004 with their branches in the United States; Hollywood, Huntington Beach, and Chicago. 

Burger is the focus in the menu at 25 degrees Bangkok.  You can choose to pick the signature burgers created by the restaurant or you can craft your own.  Besides the burgers, they also have sandwiches, hot dogs, and salads as well.  At lunch time, the 25 degrees offer the lunch set for 400 baht, which includes the burger, a side, and a beer (or soft drinks).  What a great deal, since a burger already cost 330 baht and sides of French fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings cost 80 baht normally.   I was with two other friends.  All of us were hungry for juicy burgers.  All of us went for the lunch set. 

I usually enjoy the simplest burger possible with just the basics; cheese, buns, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickle, and most importantly the thick and juicy ground beef patty.  But, I noticed the list of four burger creation by the 25 degrees bluntly named number one, number two, number three, and  number four.  The number three appeared to be the most attractive to me, so I chose it. 

Number three burger at 25 degrees – mezzo secco jack/ green chili/ chipotle/ avocado; what got my attention the most must be the chipotle.  It seemed to be the most flavorful one out of the four choices.  Even with all the variety of condiments in between the bun, a burger would mean nothing of the ground beef patty wasn’t made of quality beef and cooked properly.  The 25 degrees had it all just about right; their number three burger was a tasty one.  A touch of mild spiciness from the green chili and the chipotle was wonderful.  The overflow of creamy sauce and avocado were a bit too much but it was alright.  The buns may be too small for all contexts to fit in there.      

Number one burger at 25 degrees – caramelized onions / Crescenza/ Prelibato gorgonzola/ Bacon/ Arugula/ Thousand Island; this one was my friend’s pick.  I didn’t know about Half of what was listed to be in the burger.  I got to try this one too.  It was quite delicious with the sweetness from the onions.  Bacon and the melted cheese were a great part of the burger.  This one was also tastefully done.   We ordered three different sides to share.  I loved the sweet potato fries the most; it is kind of hard to find in Bangkok.  Onion rings had seasoned batter which was perfectly fried to a light and crisp texture.

Number four burger at 25 degrees – Yellowfin Tuna/ butter lettuce/ crispy fried onions/ spicy aioli; we all felted that this one was a wrong choice for meat lovers like us.  The whole concept of a juicy beef burger stopped here.  We knew it was a fish burger but we just wanted to try it out.  But, unfortunately we didn’t like it.  The fish patty was dry.  It had an impression of the canned tuna, which was weird, end of story.  

Next up was the highlight, the Sonoran Hot dog – Bacon wrapper/ caramelized onion/ tomato/ pinto beans/ onion/ hatch green chili/ Queso Fresco/ Mustard/ Garlic Aioli.  Yes, there were a whole lot of stuffs on there.  Its messy look was appetizing and also disturbing at the same time.  I mean it could be a good hot dog with just the caramelized onions and bacon but it had the creamy salad, which was a new addition to a hotdog for me.  I feel like someone could put coleslaw on a chili dog to serve it at a diner.  It could be a delicious combination but I have no idea.  To my surprise, this Sonoran hotdog at 25 degrees was a delightful creation.  My Thai friends loved it.  The taste was fresh and sweet.  However, to eat the whole thing by myself would be utterly impossible; just a bite or two was good enough for me.  I’d rather go for the Burger.
My overall experience at the 25 degrees at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G was quite satisfying.  We all had more than we ever needed at lunch time.  OMG, I was so stuffed.  For one person, the lunch set is more than enough.  I am pretty sure that I would come back here to craft my own burger soon.  Their ground sirloin patty will sure make a perfect burger.  This place was just opened in May 2012 and I bet their business will do just fine.   I am glad to have this new burger joint in Bangkok to satisfy my craving for burgers.                       

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