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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review of Burger Factory in Bangkok - Ekamai Soi 10

Burger Factory - Burger Joint at Ekamai soi 10, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Burger Factory - Burger Joints on BumRes.com

Lately I have been eating similar types of food.   A few days ago I just went to the 25 Degrees– Pullman Hotel G @ Silom for their tasty burger.  And now, the Burger Factory, which is in the small courtyard complex at the Ekamai Soi 10.  Another interesting choice in this complex was the Blue Door, which seemed to be in good business (I saw the place was packed).  I have to check it out sometimes.  Since I was determined to go for the Burger, I won’t get distracted.  I heard about this place from another website.  The atmosphere was quite contemporary with the dull choices of material.  The feel was like being in a factory.  Oh, that’s right! I was in Burger Factory.  The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating for please various groups of customer.   Smokers and expats love the outdoor – Thai people love the A/C.  Burger Factory is continuously serving for lunch and dinner with no breaks in between, so you won’t have to worry about the place closed during late afternoon.  Parking is conveniently available; plenty of spots so no need to worry, if you drive there.

Burger Factory mainly serves Burgers, of course.  There are other choices of American food also.  I was so stunned to see the prices of the burger here - average around 300 baht, which is about the same level as burgers in the Hotel.  With over 20 choices of burger to choose from, you can also add this and that as you like.  This should pretty much cover all the possibilities of everyone’s style in a burger.  Well, it is still fully customizable like the 25 degrees Pullman Hotel G @ Silom.  One thing I noticed about the Burger Factory was the alcoholic beverage selection.  A great range of brew from everywhere and spirits of all sorts are available for you to booze up along with your burger.  The Burger Factory sure did pick a proper location to have this kind of offering.  People come to this part of town to chill and get tipsy in style.    

I was with my brother.  We each ordered our own burger and we share a couple of side dishes.  First one was the Crispy Sticky Wings (165 baht).  Since I just had one of the best crispy fried chicken in town at Bon Chon Chicken, the Burger Factory had a tough opponent to compete with.  Yeah, I enjoyed the chicken at Bon Chon more.  Another dish we shared was the Grilled Lamb Salad (225 baht), which had a basic appearance.  The taste was not bad.  Pieces of the lettuce were too big to be in a bowl since I couldn’t use a knife.  The grilled slices of lamb were awkward.  The lamb was sliced and grilled not grilled as a chunk and sliced afterward.  It felt like a yakitori lamb.

My burger was the Red Devil Burger, which was supposed to be the hottest burger in the world.  Presentation will definitely scare you all with the mild palates away for sure.  Please see the photo; the beef patty was layered with omelet and covered with a pile of chili sauce with a swirl of yellow mustard.  I love spicy food and this burger wasn’t that spicy for me.  The meat was nice, thick, and juicy but it was overwhelmed by the chili sauce.  I mean, all I tasted was chili sauce.  They could have used a small amount of extremely spicy chilies instead of all that sauce.  My brother’s burger was the Classic Mode Burger + Bacon + Cheese (265 baht).  Its appearance and taste were ordinary, nothing exciting.  The beef patty was bland and the sauce didn’t compliment the meat.  The buns were also plain without the spread.  The whole burger just didn’t come together in harmony.  Curly fries and French fries were just alright.  I have had better elsewhere.  

To conclude, it is difficult to say that the burgers at Burger Factory were as impressive as I expected with the restaurant named after the expertise.  With the name and the slogan saying, “Handcrafted Burger” I was so pumped up and excited about their burgers.  But, once tried – my face showed no emotions.  If I had a craving for burger again in this area, I could come back and try other choices or burger and hope it would be better than this visit.  Or I could go to Iron Fairies for their Fat Guts Burger and the absinthe.  What do you think?

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