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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cucina by Calderazzo Italian Restaurant Review - Central Rama IX, Bangkok

Cucina by Calderazzo - Italian Restaurant at Central Rama IX, Bangkok - 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Cucina by Calderazzo - Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

I was meeting a couple of friends at the Central Rama IX.  One of them felt like having Italian and the Cucina by CalderazzO was the most attractive one out of all the franchise restaurants on the seventh floor of the Central Rama IX.  You may have heard about the CalderazzO in the Langsuan area.  I assumed that the Cucina is the affordable version of “The CalderazzO”, which is an upscale Italian restaurant (high priced) featuring the Southern Italian cuisine. 

Our meal at Cucina by CalderazzO was a trendy mall lunch style.  With its opened setting, we could constantly see shoppers strolling by.  It looks like the restaurant business in the mall is really competitive.  There was only one other party in the restaurant during our meal.  And the neighboring Japanese restaurant had people waiting.  I can’t remember the name but they took all the business.  Nobody was interested in having the Italian food. 

In the menu of Cucina by CalderazzO, there are a handful of choices in all categories; Appetizer, Salad, Soup, Pizza, Risotto, Pasta, Sides, and Desserts.  With the photos of the food in the menu, I was getting really hungry.  For the three of us, we ordered about six dishes and a couple of desserts.

First one was the Pork Sausage Salad (199 baht).  Rucola leaves with slightly spiced sausages and Honey Balsamic dressing.  I liked the taste of the sausage but the dry leaves needed more than just drizzle of the black sauce.  Next up was the Zuppa di Carne (159 baht).  The broth had mild and savory flavor of beef.  Served just hot enough, it was a good start.  Third dish was my favorite dish at the Cucina – the Strozzapeti (189 baht).  It was homemade short twisted pasta with meat sauce ragu style.  I liked how it was really saucy.  The ground meat was in every bite of the fat and soft pasta.  Then the Carbonara shortly followed.  Since we had the flavorful Strozzapeti, the basic carbonara tasted so bland.  For the same price, it was a bit disappointing.  I didn’t like how the white sauce was runny.  It should be thicker and creamer with the cheese and whatever. 

Coming up next was the main course or what the Italians call Secondi.  It was the pork chop with garlic and rosemary, served with apple sauce.  A simple menu was nicely done.  The meat could be more tender and juicy.  To have the sauce over the mashed potatoes and the meat in one bite was better than having it plain.  I expected the meat to be a bit garlicky by itself.  Another main course was the Lamb Shank, stewed slowly with tomatoes, carrots, and celery (379 baht).  The meat was tender and the taste of the sauce was prominent.  Still, I felt like there was something missing.  It was tasty after all.  We slowly worked it with our forks to the bone. 

For desserts, we ordered the Pannacotta (149 baht) and Budino (179 baht).  I chose to dig into the Budino first.  The choco cake with filling was served with vanilla ice-cream.  I expected to see the lava flowing out but it didn’t happen.  It wasn’t heated long enough possibly.  The Italian dessert, Pannacotta was pretty good; light texture and just sweet enough.

Our easygoing Italian lunch at the Cucina by CalderazzO @ Central Rama IX was enjoyable.  Of course, the food wasn’t the best Italian like the original CalderazzO.  For the price we paid, we were happy with what we got.  Next time your feel like Italian at Central Rama IX, Cucina by CalderazzO isn’t a bad choice at all comparing to other chain restaurants around there.    

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