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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Phuket Town Southern Thai Restaurant Review - Thonglor 6, Bangkok

Phuket Town - Southern Thai Restaurant at Thonglor Soi 6, Bangkok 

Overall Score  6.5/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  2/5
Value   4/5

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If I were to name a Southern Thai cuisine restaurant in Bangkok, I can only list a few places; Malika@ Soi Rangnam, Takrai Hom@ Rama IX, and my most favorite one Chan Hom@ Ramkhamhang 21(Soi Nawasri).  The Phuket Town is the Southern Thai cuisine restaurant that I am reviewing.  I would never find out about this restaurant if my friend didn’t tell me about it, despite the fact that Phuket Town is at the corner of Soi Thonglor 6.  The street sign was unclear and the place was small.  I have driven through there a million times but I never noticed it.  Phuket Town is in good business since it has been around for many years.  All my food critic friends know about this place (which made me a hill billy).  There are two branches of Phuket Town.  The other one is at the Navamin Festival Walk. 

The Phuket Town is resided within a small townhouse, which is fully decorated with the Phuket concept.  I thought I was in Phuket.  With only six tables on the first floor, the restaurant must have the second floor opened for seating.  I am not sure because I didn’t go upstairs to find out.  If you plan to go there during the prime time, I suggest you make a reservation ahead of the time.  In the beginning, I thought that this place would sell high priced southern dishes but it was actually cheap; perhaps cheaper than the Chan Hom.  There is a vast selection of traditional southern Thai dishes in the menu.  Please look for more details of the menu in the tab menu as usual. 

I went to the Phuket Town with my brother.  We didn’t order too much food.  First dish was the Fermented – rice noodles and vegetables served with steamed crab meat curry (180 baht).  In Thai, we call this dish, Kanom Jeen – Chinese rice spaghetti with curry.  It is a typical street noodles that can be found everywhere in Bangkok.  Usually this menu cost around no more than 50 baht at local food stalls.  At the Phuket Town, 180 baht Kanom Jeen came with lots of crab meat and quality vegetable assortment.  Its taste wasn’t that exciting.  I think that they should serve it in a bigger plate.  I personally like my noodles soaked with curry sauce.  I wanted to pour all the curry over the noodles and vegetables but I couldn’t because the plate was too small.  The second dish was the Kua Kling Moo Sub or Stir-fried spicy curry paste with pork on rice served with clear soup (95 baht).  This is one of my favorite Southern Thai menus.  I had a high expectation on this one, but too bad that it didn’t impress me at all.  The pork tasted alright but it was too dry, so this Kua Kling wasn’t as enjoyable.  I have had this dish with more saucy and oily, which will give the savory feel that I love.    

The third menu was the Pak Miang Pad Kai or Stir-fried Pak-Miang (local southern green leaves) with egg topped with crispy onion and dried shrimp (120 baht).  This dish was the best one of the meal.  I have had this dish every time during my past visits to the Southern region of Thailand.  The Phuket Town made this dish as delicious as the ones I had in the South.   Next dish was the Deep fried Phuket fish cake (140 baht).  I have never had this kind of fish cake before.  I didn’t like it at all.  The deep fried fish cake at the Niyom Phochana Thai seafood restaurant across the street is more delicious. 

Last two dishes at the Phuket Town was the Pad Mee Hokkian or Stir-fried egg noodles with pork or seafood in Phuket Town style (150 baht) and Gai Tod Kamin (Deep-fried chicken wings with cumin (125 baht).  The noodles weren’t that great.  Restaurants in the South can do it much better for sure.  The chicken was delicious.  The Phuket Town fried the chicken so perfectly, better than many Isaan (Northeastern) restaurants who is supposed to be experts at frying chicken wings.  The Pak Miang and the Gai Tod Kamin were wonderful.  I would be really happy, if I had the beer in my hand. 

The Phuket Town is a new found Southern Thai cuisine restaurant for me.  I wouldn’t drive to this place in Thonglor for the southern food because I already have the Chan Hom, which is nearer to home.  However, the Phuket Town is still a good spot for people living near there.  So, for you all who is tired of the Japanese or Italian food of the Thonglor area,  the Phuket Town isn’t a bad choice.  

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