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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Lighthouse Restaurant Review

The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant at Pattaya Review

ประภาคาร บ้านอำเภอ ร้านอาหารทะเล อาหารไทย พัทยา

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

ประภาคาร (บ้านอำเภอ) - Thai Seafood Restaurant on BumRes.com (For more pictures, menu and info)

Phrapakarn (Lighthouse in English) Seafood Restaurant is a Thai seafood restaurant situate in Baan-Amphue area, about 15 KM from Pattaya center. This restaurant adapt its name by the small lighthouse locate on top of their restaurant. Although this lighthouse is just a decoration but the scenic view at 2nd floor from this restaurant is enough without the use of it. The panorama view of Baan-Amphue beach from both 1st floor and 2nd floor of this restaurant is sure beautiful. Even on the mid-day we can see the clear blue sky with the high-wind come facing us and cool ourselves off during the very hot day.

The restaurant owner told us that this restaurant usually crowded on the evening. Thanks to the sunset view that easily mesmerise everyone who came here. This Lighthouse Restaurant is among the top-tier seafood restaurant in Pattaya area which not allow customers to book the seats during the weekend. If you want the seats on that time you need to walk-in only.

At first, we thought that food at this restaurant would be just another Thai-seafood food which we can find them elsewhere. The main characteristic of food here is sure feature Thai dishes but they add quite a number of foreign dishes such as pasta, steak, salad as well. Also, Thai-seafood food here is not just another stereotype food that we are so bore with. Food here have some twist, some addition and make them look tempting than usual. The thing we like the most is the food price. The price tag here is pretty if not ridiculously cheap. So cheap that I wonder why other places need to sell such a high price even though they are not much better, if not at all, than this Lighthouse seafood restaurant.

We had 5 dishes for our lunch let's get into the detail by the chronological order of them.

- Dried red curry with shrimp - 200 THB : This Indian-influence dish is pretty common in Thai restaurant. Yet again, this restaurant make it a little bit more pretty and easy to eat. They twisted the prawns by the tail and then deep-fried them and topped with Thai red curry. The prawns were sure so fresh and with the addition of spicy and sweet curry, this dish made a very good start for us.

- Spicy scallops, baked New Zealand mussels and oysters salad Prapakarn (Lighthouse) style - 280 THB : This dish is their most famous one. A very signature dish that can only be found here. Feature three kind of shellfish, each come in two pieces so we got the full-house of shellfish cook in spicy thai sauce ready for us to devour. The freshness of each shellfish is no need to mention because it is so fresh we sure that we can't find anything fresher than we had. Spicy Thai sauce is the addition that make this dish suite our palette. No wonder why this dish is the famous one and contain the shop name in it.

- Spaghetti Sha Sha Thai style - 180 THB : Black ink spaghetti come with various kind of seafood and Thai herb. This pasta look foreign but the taste is sure Thai. Overall taste is spicy and aromatic. Add that with fresh seafood and al dante black ink spaghetti, this dish is sure live up to its name, the recommend dish of this restaurant.

- Salmon steak sour cream sauce with french fries, butter spinach - 300 THB : This is the only real European dish in this meal. Chunky fried salmon come with juicy spinach along with mediocre french fries and some vegetables side dish. The overall taste of this dish is just another seafood steak that we can find elsewhere. No magic, nothing special like the previous dishes.

- Seafood fried rice (Big size) - 180 THB : When we first encountered this dish. We swear to ourselves "holyshit! are you for real? 180 THB for this enormous, full of seafood fried rice?" Yes, we so skeptical why they can set the price of this dish so low yet put all the seafood in the world in it. Made us feel like we were rip-off when we have some worse yet more expensive fried rice like this elsewhere. This fried rice had nothing to complain for in term of taste. The rice were fried well enough and the seafood was fresh and all. We really loved this fulfilment dish.

All in all, this Pra-Pa-Karn Baan Am-Per Seafood Restaurant is a good restaurant which come in low price, good panorama view and delicious and variety Thai-seafood. If you plan to have some budget yet tasty Thai-seafood around Pattaya, we encouraged you to commute just a little bit further save your hard earn money for the late night party or anything and enjoy the food here!

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