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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Xing Fu Chinese Restaurant Review - Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit

Xing Fu Chinese Restaurant - Bangkok Hotel Lotus Bangkok : Buffet Dimsum Seafood 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4.5/5

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Majority of Chinese restaurants in top hotels in Bangkok will offer the Dim Sum Buffet.  Dim Sum has become the main attraction that can further help promote the restaurant for their Chinese a la carte dishes.  I believe that many people know about Xing Fu because of the their Dim Sum.  The Xing Fu is the official Chinese restaurant of the Bangkok Hotel Lotus at the Sukhumvit 33, has been in business for a quite some time.  The setting of the restaurant is like typical Chinese restaurants in hotels, has common dining area and private rooms.  Families and large groups love Chinese restaurants so private rooms are necessary.

The customer service at the Xing Fu is like any upscale Chinese restaurants; attentive, constantly clearing out plates, tea always filled, and so on.  At lunch time, there is Dim Sum buffet available and you can't order Dim Sum at dinner time.  The price range of the Xing Fu at Novotel Lotus is about standard, reasonable.  For a la carte at dinner time, the dishes would be the Schezuan and Cantonese with plenty of seafood selection as well as some lavish choices.  For a larger party to go for dinner, it would cost around 1,000 Baht per person.  At lunch, Dim Sum is 801 Baht net on the weekdays and 20 Baht more for weekends.  The buffet may sound a little expensive but the Xing Fu has co-promotions with banks, offering discount of up to about 30%.  So if you have credit cards, your Dim Sum lunch price will be about 500 Baht, which isn't so bad.        

This review is mostly on the Dim Sum since I was there at lunch time.  We also ordered a few a la carte dishes.

Dim Sum Buffet (Lunch & Dinner) Monday - Friday 801 nett/person , Saturday - Sunday 824 nett/person
  • Steamed cabbage stuffed - 80++ Baht - This one was delicious.  With the soft cabbage and the puffy crabmeat stuffing, this basket was to die for. 
  • Pan-fried kao choy with prawns - 80++ Baht - Basically it was a fried dumpling with stuffing of prawn and garlic chives.  The outside was brown and crisp; good amount of stuffing; tasty bites.  I recommend trying this one.
  • Steamed shu mai - 80++ Baht -  In my opinion, this shu mai was very ordinary, no different than any typical shu mai at average Chinese restaurants.  I have seen fancier shu mai at other hotels recently.  

  • Steamed rice noodles with a combination of meats - 80++ Baht This menu was definitely the highlight, super delicious even though it appeared to be so basic.  Its deceiving look was full of complex flavors.  Soft rice sheets and lots of stuffing, served hot to the table with the savory soy sauce.  
  • Steamed seaweed rolls stuffed with minced prawns - 80++ Baht This seaweed was quite tasty.  It had the nice and firm texture and a big size roll.  I think if they top it off with ebiko or something, it would look much more appetizing. 
  • Roasted duck and barbecued pork  Good duck meat, tender with crispy skin.  I can enjoy it all day long.  The barbecued pork was rather plain, nothing exciting about it, not as soft and juicy as I'd like.  

  • Hot & Sour with crab meat The soup in the Dim Sum set was good looking.  There was lots of crabmeat.  Too bad that the taste was weird, not well balanced or had the aroma of the herbal Chinese soup. 
  • Soup of the day Besides the soup in the set, there was the daily soup.  On my visit was the Fish soup.  Honestly it didn't look yummy at all but to my surprise, it was just fantastic.  If you are lucky enough on your visit, the Fish soup is highly recommended.  
  • Mango Pudding It was included in the Dim Sum buffet along with fresh fruits.  This mango pudding was a dream, so delightful.  Served not fully chilled but it was just so refreshing, perfect for the summer.  So, after your Dim Sum lunch, don't miss the mango goodie by the Xing Fu.   

For a la carte, we have 3 choices.
  • Stir-fried prawns with red chilli sauce - 580++ Baht Small size prawns peeled and sauteed in the red chili sauce, served with the plain rice bun.  The prawns were absolutely fresh and crunchy.  However, the sauce was the downside, too sweet and spicy, didn't compliment the prawns so much.  Then, the rice buns coming with was not soft enough.  This dish was all about the prawns.   
  • Delicious snow fish - steam with soya sauce - 240++ per 100 gm The fish fillet was big, a bit too expensive though.  I have seen snow fish in restaurants selling at about 1800 - 2000 per kilo, so I guess their price may not be costing the earth, considered being a hotel restaurant.  This cut of snow fish was nice and thick, which allowed me to really feel the soft and buttery texture of it.  Together with the soya sauce and the green onions, this dish was no doubt, very satisfying.  
  • Sauteed Vegetable Ball with Manchurian Sauce - 350 Baht++) This is the last dish of the a la carte.  I am not sure what kind of vegetable was used to make the vegetable ball.  The staffs told me that this menu was a topseller, especially for vegetarian Indian customers.  My friend and I thought that it was awkward; it didn't feel like a Chinese dish.  The sauce was also too bland.  Well, it was a healthy dish.  Vegetarians might like lighter food with lighter flavors but not for us, we love meat.   

My lunching experience at The Xing Fu, the Chinese Restaurant at the Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit was impressive overall.  The food quality can easily compete with other upscale Chinese restaurants in hotel or even stand alone (Lao).  There are a few interesting dishes in the menu that originally created here.  The Dim Sum Buffet was good and not too expensive (with the 30% c/c discount).  Xing Fu is a good place to for Chinese food; there are plenty of the Dim Sum choices; five star service staff; get a private room with the family.  Next time your are in the Prompong area and feeling like a Dim Sum lunch, the Xing Fu will be a good choice.   

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