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Friday, April 19, 2013

PlearnWan Coffee Shop Review - Insquare Jatuchak, Bangkok

Plearnwan Coffee - Coffee Shop at Insquare Department Store, Bangkok

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   3.5/5

เพลินวานกาแฟ - Coffee Shop on BumRes.com

This review is for the PlearnWan Coffee, a coffee shop at a soon to be shopping plaza named Insquare opposite to the Jatuchak.  The place was still under construction during my visit.  The concept is very similar to the PlearnWan HuaHin.  I am not sure if they copied the concept of the retro Thai market in HuaHin or they have the same owner.  The feel of the atmosphere was like a bring back old time mixing with the new age; the decoration, the cups, and the menu.  Besides the coffee that they have to offer, there are Chinese rice buns, shumai, and Thai scramble eggs.  I guess it is like the Thai street coffee shops in the old days, selling this kind of snacks.    

On my visit, the shop wasn't as ready as it should be, in terms of staffing.  We were there on a Sunday and there was only one guy doing everything.  Many items in the snack menu weren't available.  The drinks that we ordered also took too long.  If we overlook the lack of staffs issue, the PlearnWan would be just like any other coffee shop in the market today.    

On this visit, we got three drink choices; Cappuccino 65 Baht, Cafe Latte 65 Baht, Cafe Mocha 75 Baht.  The prices of these three were average, about the same as the Cafe Amazon but cheaper than the foreign coffee shop brands in the mall these days.  The coffees were good enough but it nothing that exciting.  For the price paid, it was worth the retro cup of Thai coffee.

We were pretty excited at first to see the shumai and the Thai scramble eggs in the menu but all they had ready to serve was the Chinese pork buns.  They cost only 20 Baht each.  The quality is about the same as the 7-11.  In Thai, we call it Salapao.  Salapao and Coffee weren't meant to be but they were good together as breakfast or afternoon snack.    

The Jatuchak has become the heaven for budget shopping.  This area used to be just a weekend market selling random stuffs varying from souvenirs to furniture.  Now, there are clothes and accessories and anything you name, really.  It has become such a popular shopping zone of Bangkok.  Especially with the Flea market that we called Taladnut Rodfai happening every Friday- Sunday nights.  So, with the Insquare Market, this area would even attract more shoppers to the Jatuchak area.  If you happened to shop at the Jatuchak, this cool little coffee shop is a good place to take a short break.  

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