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Friday, April 19, 2013

Casper Burger Review - Insquare Plaza, Jatuchak, Bangkok

Casper Burger - Burger Joint at Insquare Department Store, Jatuchak Bangkok

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

Casper Burger - Hamburger Shop on BumRes.com

The Casper Burger is right next to the PlearnWan coffee, on the ground floor of the Insquare Plaza Jatuchak.  I believe they have the same owner.  This burger joint is owned and operated by the local management.  Their burger menu is quite different than any other places you know, their burgers have black buns.  The concept is like a retro American diner but the order processing is rather futuristic, take order via ipad.  This technique should be available in more restaurants.      

The Casper Burger mainly serves Burgers.  The choices are beef, pork, and fish.  Being specialized style burger, the cost of 100 Baht is considered reasonable.  Other side dishes available were french fries, hash brown, hot dog, nuggets, corn dog, and waffle.

We got to try a few items from the Casper Burger.  We ordered the food to eat at the PlearnWan coffee.  We had Beef black burger (97 Baht), Kurobuta black burger (87 Baht), Fish black burger (77 Baht), Beef burger set (147 Baht).  During the Christmas season, they also had green and red buns.  The burgers of the Casper Burger are nothing to fancy about.  It was made with plain mayonaise and lettuce; that's it.  The size was a bit small.  Overall impression was no different than a fastfood style burger.

For other items that are not burgers, the Casper Burger actually did a better job.  It is odd because the burger should be what they do best, having the name like that.  The Hot dog was pretty good, simply done with the black bun the sausage, traditionally topped with mustard and ketchup.

We had two side dishes.  The Pomme Potato (57 Baht).  It sort of looked like fried cheese ball but it was like Tater tots but made into round shape.  It was pretty good.  The other side dish was the Highlight, the Hash Brown (37 Baht).  I haven't had hash browns for forever since it is rarely found in Bangkok.  We really liked it even though we knew that it was probably processed and frozen.  Well, it is worth to try.  

The Casper Burger and The PlearnWan coffee at the Insquare were a good pair with unique concept.  But the fact that the food is fast food, I couldn't expect much from it.  Next time you happened to be at the Jatuchak, these two shops are just across the street.  Hashbrowns and coffee would be the recommended choices.

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