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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

La Tavola Italian Restaurant Review - Renaissance Bangkok

La Tavola - Italian Restaurant at Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   5/5

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In Bangkok, there aren't many Italian restaurants in hotel that would offer lunch set priced 350++ Baht for 3 course menu + complimentary bread.  The Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel is doing it.  In the five star luxury and the superb customer service, it is difficult to turn down such a wonderful offer at this hotel.  Usually the lunch set at upscale French or Italian restaurant is a bargain compared to the prices at dinner time.  Often times the price of the lunch set cost about one dish of a la carte at dinner time, if not cheaper.  In my experience, I learned this, you get what you pay for.  The cheaper lunch set quality can never be as great as the dinner's a la carte.  I might have to reconsider my worth it theory after the Italian lunch at the La Tavola.    

I loved the overall design of this hotel, super extravagance with the marble stone and color glass.  The whole setting speaks well of the wealth during the renaissance period.  There are three restaurants here.   The Flavors is the international buffet with the seafood dinner and sunday brunch.  The Fei Ya is the renowned Chinese restaurant of the town, for its delicious Peking Duck.  Lastly, the La Tavola is the Italian restaurant.  Three restaurants are sufficient, I'd say.  Unlike the old fashioned hotel with nearly every nationality restaurants, the New Age hotel, Renaissance Hotel features only three elite choices.  It is better to focus on a few choices, I supposed.  Easier for management to control the quality.  Italian seems to be the familiar choice of European food for Thai people.  

The La Tavola is a beautiful Italian restaurant, one of the best in terms of interior decoration.  It is quite spacious, tables are set with good distance apart, so customers are sure to have the privacy.  High ceiling made the room even more comfortable.  The use of grand stone walls and wooden feature tables were marvelous.  Moreover, the ceiling had the protruding white flower shape.  The whole composition of the dining room was superior and astonishing.

In terms of service, the La Tavola surely reach the fine expectation of the five star hotel.  There was not as many customers during our visit, so we got the full attention.  As I mentioned about the Lunch Set for 350++ Baht, I couldn't miss it.  Each day is different; there are total of six different sets for the six days that they are opened for business (closed on Mondays).  In my opinion, there are several benefits doing it this way; customers won't have to think much of what to choose and the kitchen can best prepare the single set day by day, which will result in higher quality dishes.  Another Italian restaurant that has similar daily set concept is the IL Cielo at Dusit Thani.  Lunch set is a good deal for the Hotel quality food and service.  For the La Tavola at dinner time, the price per head would be around 1000-1500 Baht.      

Since this occasion was a special invitation, we got to try the Wednesday set and Saturday set.  I will go over each course with the first as Wednesday and the second as Saturday.  For appetizer, first was the Minestrone della case (Vegetable minestrone with tomato crouton), which was just the simplest vegetable soup, so bland.  A bit of a disappointment if we couldn't choose the soup because this soup was just too bland.  Personally, I would prefer to have the mushroom, corn, tomato soup, or some kind of a meat soup.    

The other appetizer was the Arancini Siciliani (Deep fried rice ball with black olive, mashed anchovies, tomato sauce), which was a ball of rice with crispy outer skin.  It was a light one with simple flavors of olive oil and tomato sauce.  

As main course of the lunch sets, we had the two dishes, both of them were pastas.  The first one was the Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, peperoncino (Grilled tiger prawns, spaghetti with aglio oilio peperoncino).  The portion was generous.  It was fairly delicious.  The texture of the spaghetti was good, al dante.  Then the tiger prawns were nice and large; possibly cost about 100 Baht for one prawns, so this main course was surely well worth it. 

The other Linguini Cremosa (Linguini with crab meat, leek, creamy tomato sauce).  Unlike the first pasta dish, this one was more saucy and creamy.  I liked this the linguini pasta and the sauce very much.  My friends and I surely enjoyed this dish.    

For dessert, the first one was the Panna cotta ai frutti di bosco (Vanilla panna cotta with berries compote).  Its presentation was breathtaking, very beautiful and extravagance.  In terms of creativity and originality, this Panna cotta definitely won it.  

The other dessert was the Millefoglie (Strawberry Millefuille with whipped cream and balsamic).  I just had this dessert before at the Le Beaulieu not too long ago and it was impressive.  The Millefuille at the La Tavola was just as great.  It wasn't too sweet.  The two simple layers of the crust was wonderfully crispy to compliment with the whip cream and the strawberries n between.  I really like it.  

In this lunch we also had two more Main course.  The first one was the Lasagnette aperta consugo d'anatra (Braised duck open face lasagna, duck confit, creamy parmesan cheese) - 420 Baht.  It was like a new age Lasagna that I have never seen anywhere before.  Coming exposed with the duck sitting atop the foam (molecular style).  This dish was super delicious, absolutely amazing; the duck, the lasagna sheets, the sauce.  We loved it.  

The other main dish was the Pesce all' acqua pazza (Roasted snow fish acqua pazza style - fresh vegetables, herbs, Prosecco wine, red pepper coulis) - 750 Baht.  The snow fish fillet was just eye widening but the tomato sauce was the down side, too much like ketchup.  I enjoyed the fish and the vegetables by themselves more than with the sauce.   

My lunching experience at the La Tavola of the Renaissance Bangkok Hotel was impressive overall.  Most of the dishes were tastefully done.  The lunch set price was absolutely a bargain.  In the fabulous decor and the five star customer service, your italian lunch will be more than just satisfying.  The daily menu might bring you back for the second time to try something different.    

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