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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chinese restaurant review - Crystal Jade Kitchen, Bangkok

Crystal Jade Kitchen - Chinese Restaurant at Citi Resort - Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Crystal Jade Kitchen - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com (for more pictures and menu)

Crystal Jade has a total of four locations; Siam Paragon, Emporium, Erawan, and Sukhumvit 39.  Each one has its own concept of the Chinese cuisine.  The Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Siam Paragon is the flagship, targeting the higher status crowd with its luxurious atmosphere and contemporary style Chinese food.  The Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at the Erawan serves the Shang Hai style with noodles and dim sum.  The Crystal Jade Restaurant at the Emporium, I believe it is similar to the one at Siam Paragon.  Then, the Crystal Jade Kitchen in this review serves Cantonese in the relaxing atmosphere.  The restaurants of the Crystal Jade offer a good variety for the change in Chinese Cuisine.    

The first menu was the Braised superior mushroom with conpoy, spinach and beancurd (200 Baht).  It was quite a good looking appetizer; could easily be served at the Siam Paragon.  The beancurd or tofu and the spinach were attached as one block, which had a nice layer look and contrast in color.  Having the layers in one bite, the texture was complex - better than biting into the tofu alone.  On top was the mushroom and the scallop frites.  The whole was savory and juicy with the gravy, tasting slightly salty and sweet.  Wonderful starter.  I highly recommend this one.  

The second dish was the Stewed eggplant with minced pork in spicy sauce (240 Baht).  Served in claypot steaming hot.  The eggplant and the meat were submerged in thick brown soy.  Looking at this dish I just long for some steamed jasmine rice because this menu is very similar to the Thai stir fried eggplant but more saucy.  The soft and soaky eggplant was great with the pork.  Its gravy was a little bit spicy.  If you like eggplants to begin with, this dish is a must try.  Quite an impressive dish! 

This third dish was an attractive one, Fried mixed grain rice in casserole (180 Baht).  It was surely healthy as it appeared, being a vegetarian dish.  The grainy rice may not be as enjoyable as the soft white jasmine rice but it definitely is a wonderful source of vitamins.  To be honest, I though it was so bland.  Not sure if it is because I love meat in my fried rice or what.  Well, this rice was rescued by the eggplant dish earlier.  Perfect together!

This must be my most favorite dish in the meal, the Sauteed prawn with salted egg yolk (380 Baht).  Coming to the table looking like chunks of gold.  Not much presentation but I knew it was going to be amazing.  Huge size prawns, crispy fried and covered with salted egg yolk.  The flavor was simple but just so delicious with the crisp texture and the plummy fresh prawn.  I put up a fight for the second one.  I just loved it.  I want to eat it again right now.     

The fifth dish was the Crystal Jade Roasted Duck - small plate (240 Baht).  Its skin was nice and crispy but I would like it more with the fat.  My friend said that he had it last time here was more juicy and not as dry.  

The sixth dish was the Pork and Preserved egg congee (120 Baht).  Congee or what we know as porridge at the Crystal Jade was rather bland.  Perhaps it was meant to have soy sauce added yourself.  The rice was great though, very fine and perfect in texture.  I am not a fan of the preserved egg so I didn't get excited about it.  This dish is suitable for early morning as breakfast or a late night meal.  

For dessert, we had the Chilled almond beancurd with longan (70 Baht).  It was a Chinese style dessert that I have never had anywhere before.  The longan was nice and big, well complimented by the beancurd.  I really liked this dessert, not too sweet.  Cold and refreshing, perfectly delightful dish for the summer.  

My lunch at the Crystal Jade Kitchen was impressive overall.  I loved the prawn in salted egg yolk the most.  The tofu appetizer was also delicious.  They also serve Dim Sum from 11.00 - 15.00 I didn't get to try them but my friend told me that it is not bad at all.  For the quality Chinese food at this price, this lunch was well worth it.  I have driven passed this restaurant many times and I always though that it was just a basic Chinese restaurant.  I am telling you now that if you are nearby or in the area and feeling like Chinese food, the Crystal Jade Kitchen is definitely a good choice.     

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