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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tanyamama (1st Visit) @ Aree, Bangkok (Eng Version)

Tanyamama (1st visit) European Restaurant Aree, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

This place has an interesting name, Tanyamama.  I have no idea what it really means.  I imagine Tanya, a sexy Mama! This is no way that I would know about this place if I didn’t find a post in the “HongKonKrua” of the Pantip.com.  KongKonKrua means a chat room in the back kitchen.  The Tanyamama is hidden in the Soi Ratchakru.  Basically if you were coming from Paholyothin, go into Soi 5.  Keep driving down the street, then you will find a three-way intersection and there is a Townhouse in front of you.  Go into that Townhouse.  This restaurant only opens during lunch and dinner.  So don’t go late in the afternoon, they will be closed.   

Tanyamama is serving Thai food and European food but their focus is on the European specialty more.  The price is reasonable.  You can get more details of the menu in the tab menu as usual.  

Space of the dining area was rather limited because it fitted cozily into the bottom floor of two units of Townhouses.  Simple interior’s decoration incorporated well with table arrangement, which made the whole atmosphere comfortable yet stylish (Sorry that I didn’t take many photos because there were so many people).  Customer service staffs were nice; good manner, happy faces, and kind service.


I was there with my mother and my stomach wasn’t doing so well, so I only ordered three dishes.  The first one was the Tanyamama Salad.  Everywhere I go when I find any dish named after the restaurant, I would never miss those dishes.  Because I believe that the restaurant is proud to present the dish and it must be a special one.  Most of the time, the dish would be exceptionally tasty.  The trick worked here without a doubt.  This salad was impressive.  I liked how they shaped the pile of green mix, looked a lot like a huge green caterpillar (popular technique found in many sushi places).  Fresh green mix was refreshing and the dressing was tasty.  Plus the greens were chopped to bite size, conveniently interesting.  This salad couldn’t get any better.  

Second dish was the Clam Soup.  Serving size was larger than my expectation because it cost only 120 Baht.  And its deliciousness just made the size smaller. We could have had a bowl each.  Our main dish was the Norwegian Cod with Tiger Prawn.  They did the presentation with much attraction; so vivid with a fun movement.  And Wow! Delish! Its tastiness didn't fall far from the appearance.  This dish was great.  The Cod was grilled; crispy on the outside and so juicy and soft on the inside.  As well as the Tiger Prawn, it was good size, so fresh, white, and with nice texture.  Too bad, Prawn’s yolk and fat inside its head was cooked (I like it runny).  Garlic bread matched well with the side of sun-dried tomato.  Impressive meal, I can't wait to come back here. 

Total damage was minimal for the satisfaction, 800+ Baht.  There was a service charge 10%.  I am not surprised with Tanyamama’s award for 2011 Thailand Best Restaurant (there are some places don’t deserve it).  I would recommend this place for young sweet couples or a nice and easy family dinner.  Thumbs up for this spot; I am coming back for a serious eat.

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