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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday Brunch Review - Four Seasons Bangkok

Sunday Brunch at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok - International Buffet and Free Flow of Wine and Alcohol Drink 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

Sunday Brunch at Four Seasons on BumRes.com

Among the five star hotels in Bangkok, the Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons has just become one of the most impressive one of all. Other comparable ones that I can think of would be the Utage Sunday Brunch @ the Plaza Athenee and the Jazzy Sunday Brunch at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. Generally the Sunday Brunch is the culinary highlight for upscale hotels.  This occasion is when the hotels put out the most extravagance selections to impress everyone.  Many hotels are serving their best.  Buffets are usually not my favorite but Sunday Brunch in five star hotels is different case.  I love going to Sunday Brunches, anywhere at any time - really.   I mean, if I had the chance, it is definitely the place to be.  In this visit for a review, I personally thought that the Four Seasons sure did a spectacular job on their Sunday Brunch.      

In fact the Sunday Brunch at Four Seasons has been well renowned for quite some time.  The offering is so special that even the hotel members don’t get any discount on it while going other restaurants they can get 50% discount.  Since a buddy of mine was holding the member’s card, we had been trying out all the restaurants of various nationalities at the Four Seasons such as the Madison Steakhouse, Spice Market (Thai), and Shintaro (Japanese).   I have reviewed these restaurants already, you can look for it.  The Madison was my favorite and other ones were above average for restaurants in five star hotel.  By now I am more convinced that the 3159 baht Sunday Brunch is worth trying, even without the member’s promotion. 

When I got to the Sunday Brunch just before noon, there were already people wandering around dishing up the appetizing choices from various food stands.  The whole buffet set up combined spaces in the Madison, Spice market, Aqua, and the courtyard around the pond for the line buffet and seating.  All seats were almost taken through the midway of my meal.   I am not surprised why the hotel didn’t offer the promotion for the Brunch.  As I toured around the set up, my appetite was growing more and more.  Everything looked so fantastically mouth watering – Amazing Thailand! (I shouted in my head)

In the Madison room, premium steaks were the highlights; prime ribs, tenderloin, sirloin, and more.  If you only go for the steaks, you might already get the 3,000 baht worth of food.  Near the kitchen where the steaks being freshly made you will find the selection of cold seafood. King crab legs, Crabs, prawns, etc.  There is plenty of fresh seafood to fill you up.  Cold cuts, Cheese, and salad are presented Inside the Madison as well.  At the entrance to the Madison room, you will find the long table full of desserts; pastry, cakes, pie, ice-cream, and more.  Off to the side is the crepe table. Desserts were great but the crepe was not exciting. 

Pekking duck, BBQ pork, and Thai dishes are located in front of the Spice Market in the outdoor area by the pond.  There is a little Middle East kitchen in the middle cooking up Kabob meat and various specialties.  I tried a little of everything in the Mediterranean corner.  I was so happy to see the Pita and Hummus but too bad it wasn’t as delicious.  The baked whole salmon was great though.  Surprised to see it in this section, it didn’t appear so Mediterranean to me.  Freshly prepared Sausages and Foie gras were serving in this stand as well.

There is a Japanese food corner with the Sushi bar, next to it are noodles, Shabu, and Unagi.  Not too many choices of fish for the Sashimi, basic ones; Salmon, Akami, Octopus, Hamachi.  The Sashimi assortment looked good tasted good but they weren’t the freshest.  The Pasta booth is preparing the spaghetti meat sauce to your request.  I tried it out, the spaghetti was delicious.   Risotto also looked yummy.   The foie gras was pan-fried to order.  We got three pieces for the table.  Small pieces, tasted alright, a bit too oily, so not the best foie gras I have had.     

The drink section is set up right in front of the Aqua.  Wine selections, Champagne, your choice of favorite spirits, and special cocktails are there to booze you up nicely on a Sunday afternoon. Draft beer (Singha) and import bottled beer are also there for you to enjoy.  The drink corner of the Four Seasons Sunday Brunch is definitely complete.  My friend and I tried a few types of alcohol.  The flow of good drinks surely brought the good vibe.   

With so many selections of international food being freshly made, the table number ticket was so convenient.  I could just dropped off the ticket at each food booth and it will be served right to my table.  Great service – staffs were constantly caring us, taking away plates.  To see friendly faces of the chef and the staffs, I couldn’t agree more that the service was impressive.

For 3,159 baht, not cheap for a feast at lunch time but to me the steaks and seafood in the buffet, plus the drinks were worth every penny.  In terms of atmosphere, the lush garden in courtyard created a wonderful alfresco style brunch.  Everyone seemed to enjoy weather outdoor.  The Brunch was so crowded, full of people from everywhere, tourists and expats and locals, all types.  I would absolutely recommend the Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons to everyone who appreciates the enjoyment of feasting on any beautiful Sundays.  

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