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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jan Suai Mediterranean Greek Restaurant Review - Sukhumvit 23

Jansuai - European & Mediterranean Greek Restaurant at Sukhumvit 23, Asoke Bangkok - opposite to Young Place

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Jansuai - European & Mediterranean Restaurant on BumRes.com (Please click 'tab menu' for picture with menu in detail with price)

When I used to live in the U.S., Mediterranean food was so popular, opposed to Thailand Mediterranean food is rarely found.  I can only think of a few Mediterranean restaurants.  I have only gone to a couple of them.  This review is about a small restaurant operated by Thai people, serving Mediterranean food.  The name is Jan Suai, which means beautiful plate.    

In the Jan Suai, decorations are made up of collection of colorful plates, which I assumed to have the Mediterranean origin.  In the tiny establishment, there are four tables on the first floor and about the same on the second floor.  The place can probably hold up to 40 people maximum.  On my visit, there was only one other table.  The dinner was an exclusive one, almost like dining at home with personal chefs.  I enjoyed the private experience; for the good service and the short preparation time.   

For the party of three at the Jan Suai Mediterranean + Greek Restaurant, we had four appetizers.  The first dish was the Liver pate (190 baht).  Second was the Eggplant au gratin (160 baht).  Third was the Moroccan Salad (160 baht), and Last of the starters was the Caesar salad (180 baht).  To me, these four dishes didn’t seem so Mediterranean.  They were much like French and Italian.  The liver with the bread was delicious despite the mediocre appearance.  The gratin was tastefully done with the large size purple eggplant and the amount of cheese.  Two salads were average good, similar to other European restaurants elsewhere.    

For the main course at Jan Suai, we had about six dishes.  We enjoyed almost all of the dishes.  One of the dishes that I liked the most was the baked dory in pesto sauce (280 baht).  It actually came last and it took a long time to make.  I was told that the fish was baked twice.  The pesto sauce over the fish was so delicious.  To be honest we were so surprised about enjoying this last dish because we were all so stuffed.  We cleaned out the plate so quickly.

Pork with blue cheese cream sauce (280 baht) – many Thai people get bothered with the smell of the blue cheese (like my friend).  However for this dish, he said it had a good cheesy aroma.  It was good dish, tender pork and delicious cheesy sauce.  Next was the Pig trotter in Spanish sauce (360 baht), which was a weird one.  I didn’t know what a pig trotter was.  Supposedly it was the pig’s foot.  This one is served with tomato sauce and mushroom.  It is on the recommended menu. 

Spaghetti carbonara (260 baht) was a simple carbonara with average quality and taste.  We didn’t get that excited with this one.  The last of the main course to talk about is the Coq au vin (320 baht).  Basically it was a Chicken baked with red wine.  It was tastefully done as well.  

After so many appetizers and main dishes at Jan Suai, we still ordered a couple of desserts.  No joke, we are big eaters.  For some reason we felt that the Jan Suay is serving good desserts.  It was called strawberry Triffle or something (150 baht).  It was a basic milk pudding with strawberry sauce and topped off with wedges of kiwi and orange.  Good and simple dessert – it was hard to go wrong.  The second dessert was the Apple crumbles (140 baht) – It wasn’t much of a crumble.  It was to socky and mushy, not the common thing you would find in Apple crumbles.  I personally didn’t like it. 

The once again heavy dinner with munchies friends at the Jan Suai was overall impressive.  With the relaxing atmosphere and the family like service, the experience with the food was more pleasant.  I expected to find Mediterranean food but it wasn’t much like what I looked for (Pita, Hummus, chicken Shawarma, etc.).  Anyways, my friends and I did enjoy the dishes there.  The Jan Suai restaurant considered themselves as Mediterranean and Greek.  In my views, the food was like a European, traditional one (homemade) – not the kind of European you would find in fancy restaurants.  For the feast we consumed, the bill was only about 2,400 baht (no vat or service charge) and the filtered water was free.  It is a good little neighborhood spot for an easygoing dinner.  I wouldn’t mind checking in out, if I were you.  Jan Suai  @ Sukhumvit 23, opposite to the Young place bldg.  

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