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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Daikichi Ramen Review - Japanese Restaurant at Nihonmachi - Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok

Daikichi Ramen - Japanese Restaurant Nihonmachi Sukhumvit 26 - Chashu Men, Cold Noodles

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

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When I first saw this Daikichi Ramen, I thought of the Daikichi Japanese restaurant that I have seen at the Fashion Island.  To me it didn’t seem to be operated by the same management and I was right.  I asked one of the staff about this ramen shop and I was told Daikichi is not related to the restaurant one at all.  In fact the owner of this establishment also runs two other restaurants in the Nihonmachi, which are the Gyunoya (right next door) and Yakiniku Rising Buffet (two shops down).  Each restaurant has its specialized practice in Japanese Cuisine.  The Gyunoya concentrates on the rice bowls and the Yakiniku rising is all about import beef.  The Daikichi that I am reviewing today only serves Ramen and some other lunch style Japanese food.  

The Daikichi is located at the Nihonmachi in the Soi Sukhumvit 26 closer to the Rama IV.  The Nihonmachi is a complex comprised of many Japanese restaurants.  This food complex is popular among local Japanese people in this area.  The Nihonmachi is also renowned among Japanese food lovers in Bangkok as well.  It gets busy at lunch time and dinner time.  I was there for a late lunch so I just missed the lunch crowd of office people. 

The menu of the Daikichi is simple.  There are about four choices of Ramen.  I ordered the Chashu men ramen.  It was made with the Tonkotsu broth or the pork ribs flavor.  It was good and rich.  The ramen noodle was average good, perhaps a little too soft.  I usually prefer it more gummy.  The Chashu pork looked very tender.  It pretty much deformed as I picked it up with chopsticks.  This Chashu may not look beautiful but it was delicious indeed; so moist and tasteful.  The amount of pork given was reasonable for the price.  It was a good ramen overall.

I was there with one other friend, so we had a few more choices.  We had the Chashu don, which was just basic rice bowl with the Chashu pork over it.  This one is hard to go wrong.  The meat was slightly glazed with special sauce and the topping of green onions was awesome.  If your co-workers want ramen here and you want rice, you can order the Chashu don or even order a Don dish from Gyunoya next door as well.  Besides the rice and the ramen, we also had the gyoza, which was done simply.  It was a good side dish but nothing to get excited about.        

In addition to the regular menu, I saw that they have the Cold noodle looking so yummy.  My friend and I had to try it since it was only 98 baht.  This one turned out to be the highlight.  The amazing presentation of fresh veggies was eye catching.  For this one, the ramen was just how I like it.  We mixed everything up so the sauce would get to everything.  It had a refreshing taste and also being cold was perfect for a sunny day.  I recommend this one. 

After all, my lunch at the Daikichi was simply satisfying.  I like this kind of restaurant that only concentrate on a few menus but do them really well.  This sort of practice seems to be so common for Japanese people.  In Japan, there are many specialized restaurants solely serving their best menu.   In my opinion, the Daikichi ramen is a good choice for lunch.  However, comparing to other Japanese restaurants at the Nihonmachi, I am not so sure since I haven’t tried any.  For anyone going to this area during lunch time, I suggest to check out the Daikichi Ramen @ Nihonmachi.

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