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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zeist European Restaurant - Asoke, Bangkok

Zeist European Cuisine - Asoke, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   2.5/5

Zeist Contemporary French and Italian Cuisine on BumRes.com

Zeist is a name of a city in the Netherlands.  I have no idea why a French and Italian Cuisine restaurant has this particular name.  Found Zeist in the food magazine looking very impressive, finally the occasion of the Mother’s day had brought me there.  Actually it was the Mother’s day promotion on their Facebook page that attracted me there.  Located in the Asoke area, a small in size restaurant was packed with people except for one table - I knew it was for me; lucky I made a reservation.  Entering the place, I believe I was welcomed by the owner – Chef Art.  Apparently the mother’s day promotion worked out for the Zeist French and Italian restaurant.   

On this visit, the Zeist only offered a special menu – one page (please see in the photo).  A few different items to choose from in each course and my mom was supposed to get one course for free.  Is it supposed to be like buy 3 courses free 1 course? Or something ? I was kind of confused.  We ordered bunch of different menus.  Let’s move on to reviewing the food. 

First one was the Salmon Salad.  For this fine restaurant, presentation was the most crucial aspect of a dish and taste was to follow closely.  Just as I expected, this first one was impressive, both look and taste.  Portion was still a problem for this type of extravaganza dishes.  Salmon Salad was gone within a minute.  

Next to follow was a Foie Gras menu.  Its appearance was not to be worried about; extremely breathtaking.  Moreover, its texture was soft and savory – mixing with the red sauce put it well in harmony.  Since I don’t have much culinary knowledge, I had no idea what sauce it was.  If you know, please tell me.  Such a small piece – it was gone before a full satisfaction. 

Third menu was the Champignon with tomatoes topping.  Its plating was well done just like the first two dishes but this one tasted so so – nothing exciting.  All I could taste was mushroom, tomatoes, and ham; plain simple menu. 

Fourth dish to serve was the Chilean Sea Bass.  Look at the size of it in the photo.  I could eat it one bite but that didn’t happen.  Four of us had to split it equally and enjoyed its teaser size.  Amazing flavors and presentation again – impressive. 

Coming up was the highlight of the night – Seafood Lasagna.  Portion was much more appropriate.  It was as big as a standard serving size but its deliciousness was no different.  Zeist’s Seafood Lasagna rocks! Super delicious with whatever was included in the stuffing.  Could it be seaweed and Nero sauce? This one was baked to perfection; highly recommended menu. 

We had two more spaghetti menus; Angel hair Tiger prawn and Tagliatelle Lamb.  The tiger prawn one was so simple unlike the ground lamb one.  The deliciousness of the  Tagliatelle ground lamb meat was unbelievable.  You have to try it for yourself. 

Palamizzo fried Sea Bass – the last menu to come to the table.  We all had no idea what it was supposed to be.  The fish was deboned and pan fried with herbal spices.  Its mild flavoring wasn’t anything exciting.                  

In addition, my family ordered some kind of sorbet dessert; I didn’t get to try it.  My brother said that it was only passable. 

Well, the mother’s day dinner at the Zeist was not as stomach filling as I wanted to be.  Total damage was 3,300 baht and we received a 1,000 baht gift voucher for the next time.  I must say that almost all menus were impressive.  I just didn’t like the small portion of each dish.  Zeist’s target group of customers is the high end.  Being a middle class like me, we could look for more food for the price we paid.  I am not sure if the place wanted us the enjoy the atmosphere slowly with the company, the food, the wine, or what.  Each menu took like forever to serve.  Servers were kind but didn’t have much knowledge about the food.  My cocktail took about 15 minutes and we waited so long for the check to come.  Price of the water was too much; 40 baht per bottle.  Water wasn’t served with ice, so we ended up with five bottles.  Zeist is successful with the food and its presentation.  Some other small aspects can be adjusted for customer’s satisfaction.   Check out for yourself – Zeist French and Italian restaurant @ Asoke, Bangkok

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