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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roselamoon Chinese Restaurant - Asoke, Bangkok

Roselamoon Gourmet Chinese Food 
Asoke, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   2.5/5

Roselamoon Restaurant - Asoke on BumRes.com

The Roselamoon is an aged Chinese restaurant.  I have had my time at this restaurant since I was a kid.   However, in the recent years the Roselamoon was almost erased from my memory.  Until now, I have been driving past the Asoke area often and noticed it a couple times so I had to take my family back there again to bring back the good old memories. 

I was there on a Sunday evening (free parking is available in the building next to the place).  When I got there, the place was filled with a few tables and soon afterward the place became completely packed.  Ten years later, I was so surprised to see that this Chinese restaurant is still attracting so many customers.  I am so happy for the success of their business.  The Chinese food of this restaurant is purely authentic.  They are doing well in preserving the originality of the Chinese cuisine for all the Chinese descends in Bangkok.  Selection of the food may be less than most Chinese places; 50 items in the menu.  But, their quality and authenticity is possessed in every dish served here.  About the average price; it is about 20% higher than most Chinese restaurants elsewhere.  Details of the menu can be found in the tab menu for you to browse at your will. 

Among three people, we ordered so many dishes since the portion of each one was smaller.  I can go over each of them individually in this review.  First one was the Pigeon Roselamoon (350 Baht for one bird).  Roselamoon in Thai means smooth flavor.  This menu is a must at the Roselamoon Chinese restaurant.  Every table in this restaurant has this menu on the table.   Most of them I saw were a large order of it, which appeared so delicious and appetizing.  For our table, we only ordered one bird for three people.  Regarding the taste; impressive just like the old times – amazingly delicious.  I have tried Pigeon menu at many Chinese restaurant and this is the best I ever had for sure. 

Second one was the Pad Krajok, recommended by the old lady that took our order.  At first I didn’t know what it was but when the dish came to the table – I was like, Dang it… This is just a lettuce in oyster sauce.  For 110 Baht, too expensive for what it was and the taste was nothing special – fair standard stir-fried vegetable dish.  My mom can cook this for me at home.  Third dish was the steamed pork belly with preserved cabbage (Moo Sam Chun Neaung Pak Kad Hang).  The first impression of this dish was like a braised pork dish without the rice in street food stalls – boring look.  But, after the first bite of this menu I was so stunned by the tenderness of the pork, perfectly seasoned, and melted in my month with ease.  Both the meat and the veggies were complimenting each other so well.  No doubt, the whole dish disappeared in seconds.  Definitely a recommended menu at Roselamoon Restaurant at Asoke – Moo Sam Chun 

Fourth dish at Roselamoon Restaurant was Goose’s legs in clay pot for 450 Baht (Ka Hann Moh Din).  This dish was also delicious.  Flavors were so pronounced within the meat and the noodles – great dish.  Fifth dish was a Chinese Soba with Ham (Mee Pad Ham).  I felt like this one was made prior to order so it lacked the freshness in the noodles; my impression was so-so, nothing special to me.  Sixth dish was a Steamed fish in Soy Sauce (Pla Boo Neaung See-Iw) for 600 Baht.  I am sure about the name of this fish in English but in Thai, it is called “Pla Boo”, good size but a bit overdone.  I saw this dish coming along with two more for other table.  By cooking three fish at the same time, possibly the timing was off – The fish was overdone but I still enjoyed the broth and the vegetables.  

Seventh dish at the Roselamoon Chinese meal was a Jelly fish with sesame oil.  Supposedly this dish is easy to make and should be served as an appetizer but it turned up on the table last.  I don’t know what happened.  The look was plain simple; like strings of something smothered in saucy oil.  And the taste was as boring as much as it looked – nothing impressive.  I felt like it was missing a flavor of something - I am not sure what it was. 

Altogether the damage of this family dinner at the Roselamoon Authentic Chinese Restaurant was 2,205 – no Vat or service charge added.  If I were to consider the value of this meal, I would say that it was rather costly for what we got.  What was factored into the price was definitely the location.  And the fact that some dishes were supremely delicious in the authentic way made this Chinese restaurant still stand strong in the restaurant business.  If this kind of restaurant suits your desire, be sure to order the Pigeon, Pork belly, and the Goose’s legs.  Be patience for the food during the prime time because the food will take time.  All in all, I would suggest you to try out the smooth taste and the Roslamoon Chinese restaurant. 

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