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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Artur French Restaurant - Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel - Soi Tonson, Bangkok

Artur - Contemporary French Restaurant
Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel Soi Tonson, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Artur Contemporary French at Soi Tonson on www.bumres.com

Artur is one fine restaurant resided in the Bliston Suwan Park View hotel in Soi Tonson, near Langsuan area.  The hotel is quite nice but small in size.  It was the only restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel and it was difficult to tell what type of food the Artur fine restaurant was actually serving.  Heading to eat lunch, I had no idea about the nationality of the place.  As I saw the menu and had experience the food, I thought it was like French with Italian cuisine mixture.  Then Mr. Artur came to check on our table; we talked to him a little bit about the food and he said that his restaurant features an Authentic French cuisine with a modern touch. 

Coming to the Arthur is one more count to the only few French restaurants in my experience list.  To be honest, I haven’t seen enough French dishes to be a good judge of a great French restaurant.  I can comment on the atmosphere, service, appearance of the plating, freshness of ingredients.  But for me to tell how authentic the food is, I may not be the best person to do the job because I am not a French origin but I can surely tell if I like the taste or not.  Most of the time I find French food to have mild flavor.  I always assume that it is normal for French to be great at exposing the natural flavors of the ingredients.     

The Artur Restaurant offered an executive lunch set at a reasonable price.  For 490++ Baht, we could choose the appetizer, main dish, and dessert.  In the paper lunch menu, three selections were available to choose from plus one more special menu for each course.  To me, the choices were great enough for the price.  Seeing the price of the dinner menu, the lunch price felt like a great bargain. 
For two big eaters, we ordered three sets of the executive lunch.  We also wanted to have the third selection from the lunch menu to expand our review of this restaurant.  For appetizer, first we had the soup of the day, which was a carrot soup.  It was served too hot to eat and it was quite ordinary; plain broth without any contexts.  I also thought that it was too sweet.  I just didn’t like it.  Second one was the Special salad of the day, which was a spring mix with duck breast and Terrine Foie Gras.   This one totally made up for the miss on the soup.  This salad had delicious dressing.  The Foie gras and the duck were so tasty.  Plating may be so simple but the flavor and ingredients were impressive.  Our third choice of the appetizer was the Vou-au-Vent of Escargot.   Served with the mild garlic bread and slight sprinkle of pepper and herb, this one was also enjoyable.  First bite tasted too mild but the second bite became more delicious for some reason.  

Main dishes of our fine lunch at Artur of the Bliston Suwan Park View were served together shortly after the appetizers.  First one was the Barramundi a la Marseillaise.  The fish fillet was properly cooked.  Texture was beautifully contrasted; crispy skin and the firm fish meat.  We both liked the dish.  Second was the Blanquette de Volaille or the chicken stew in a creamy white wine sauce mushrooms, baby onions, and bacon with Herb rice.  This creation had an oriental feel with the meat and vegetable in a thicker sauce, served with steam rice.  However the taste was distinctively European with the slight aroma of the Italian herbs.  Togetherness of the rice, tender chicken, and creamy sauce; this dish disappeared so quickly despite the good serving portion.  Last one of the main dish ws the Vegetable Riso Pasta.  The theme of this one was green.  Pasta with green sauce was what it looked like.  Green vegetables even made the whole green concept stronger.  First couple bites of this dish were good but toward the end it was a bit smelly of the veggies.  Plus there was no meat added to the dish, the attitude was like a vegetarian dish.  Not the best choice for meat lovers like me and my friend.    

In the lunch set, we got to choose three choices of dessert.   Artur also complimented us with one extra dessert.  Best one was the Crème Brulee but the special dessert was also great.  It was a base of breadcrumb chunks with ice cream on top.   The chocolate Mousse was really chocolaty; I was okay with it.  The other dessert was something I can’t remember but it was also enjoyable.

Out of all the French meals in my experience, Artur served quite a delicious lunch overall.   The food had more unique flavors than some French places.  Atmosphere was nice and simply decorated with classy ornaments.   I thought the place was rather small and the seating arrangements were rather tight.  Some premium grade customers may expect to have more privacy or spacing between each party.  Well, I can’t quite tell what the vibe is like during the dinner time.  For lunch, the casual feel was comfortable enough for me.  Their attentive service was definitely a plus.  I recommend you to try the Artur fine restaurant at Bliston Suwan Park View Hotel for lunch.  Please share your thoughts with me about this French Cuisine.  I would love to hear your comments. 

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