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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chairoj Restaurant - Thai and Chinese Cook Shop Phaya Thai

Chairoj Restaurant - Thai and Chinese Cook Shop Phaya Thai

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  2.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   5/5

Chairoj Thai Chinese Restaurant - Phaya Thai on BumRes.com

Chairoj is an old restaurant that has been on the Sri Ayutthaya Road, Phyathai for a while.  This type of restaurant, Thai people call it a “Cook Shop” because it is a Chinese restaurant with a Westerner’s influence.  Mostly the food you will find is a mix of Thai and Chinese cuisine.  Its low price is the attractive point about this restaurant.  However this area is difficult to find parking spots.  If you were to go there by BTS, it surely is the best option of transportation.  Take BTS to Phyathai station plus a short walk will take you to the Chairoj Thai and Chinese restaurant.  The set up is down to earth; the first floor of two connecting townhomes without the air-conditioning.  During this time of year (rainy season) is not so hot.  Going there for an easy dinner in the evening with a family would be simple and enjoyable.  

The menu is not so big but I am proud to present that all dishes are delicious and more importantly all items in the menu are only 70 Baht.  The 70 Baht portion is not small at all, the one serving is enough to most people with just a bowl of rice.  Since I am not like most people, I ordered six dishes to enjoy with my mom. (quite a bit of food, so we had to pack home two dishes) 

First menu is always my favorite, the Pork chop (baked ribs with red sauce).  I have never seen this menu anywhere except the Silom Gourmet Restaurant.  To be honest, I like how the Chairoj does it more.  I personally recommend this menu to all of you; truly an amazing one.  

Next one is the second best menu, which is the Stew Ox tongue – also a rare menu.  Great portion of the ox tongue is stir-fried with a special sauce.  With a slight tangy flavored sauce over mashed potatoes and jasmine rice, you are good to go.  

Here comes the official soup of Chairoj restaurant – it is the Braised pork Tom Yum.  The intense flavor is the signature.  Excessive amount of meat and mushroom in a large bowl for 80 Baht, what more could you ask for.  I always enjoy the broth to the very last drip.  

For a plain stir-fried menu, I ordered the Sea Bass with Chinese Celery.  The mild and savory taste of this menu was wonderful.    
My mother ordered this one.  It was her favorite – Spicy basil with Catfish, which is supposedly a recommended menu of the Chairoj Cook Shop 

One more dish from the recommendation menu is the Tofu stir-fried with Thai Chilies.  My first time having this menu was like a love at first sight.  The stir-fried minced pork with chili oil was so spicy but together with the soft tofu, everything was in harmony.   

The Chairoj is my best bet whenever I am in this area and can’t think of any place to go to.  All of the dishes that I have ordered at Chairoj have been impressive for its class.  Moreover, a large bottle of Singha beer is only 80 Baht.  Every time I go to Chairoj, a grandma is sitting in the back.  I assumed that she is one of the co-founder of Chairoj Cook Shop.  I always wanted to walk up to her and thank her for this great restaurant of Bangkok – being so good and so cheap!  

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