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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wine Pub - Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok

Wine Pub @ Pullman Kingpower Hotel Bangkok (Wine Bar)

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   4.5/5

Wine Pub - Wine Bar @ Pullman Hotel on BumRes.com

The Wine Pub @ Pullman – King Power was never in my list of restaurants.  One reason I never thought about was because of its price.  I always believe in the formula of the Hotel and Wine.  Once they are together, it equals to expensive.  After an experience at Déjà vu, a French restaurant right next to the Wine Pub, the Wine Pub was out of my sight.  Until recently, a friend of mine told me that the Wine Pub was one of his favorite restaurants.  With its impressive atmosphere, good wine at reasonable prices, and the daily promotions; this restaurant is more attractive than I ever known.  Especially on the day that the Wine Pub offers the unlimited tapas or pasta, it will be totally worth it.  Finally I had to bring my friend that recommended me to review it together. 

The day of my visit was Tuesday.  For 900 Baht, the Wine Pub has all you can eat pasta and a bottle of wine from their selected list.  Between 6pm to 10pm, you can enjoy your bottle of wine with all the pasta you want.  However the restaurant closes at 1am, you can stay longer to enjoy their other choices of a la carte and wine.  For more promotional offers of other days of the week, you can check for details on the Wine Pub’s website.  In the section menu, you can also find photos of my experience as well as the menu.  For your knowledge, on my visit there were 11 different types of Pastas for you to choose from.  Please see the photos in the review.  Majority of them were delicious; served in small portion.  You can enjoy each of them tiny bit at a time to not overdo it. 

One of my favorite was the Four Cheese Gnocchi, Lasagna and Fusili Pad Kra Prao.  We must have had at least three servings of each.  For other choices, we had only one to get the taste.  My girlfriend loved the Veggie Farfalle and Fusili Pad Kra Prao.  My other two friends liked the Penne Arrabiatta and Spaghetti Carbonara.  Overall quality of this pasta buffet wasn’t low at all; serving quality in good quantity was an attractive aspect of this Tuesday promotion at the Wine Pub.  Honestly, some of the Pasta choices were better than a la carte at some restaurants.  

Regarding the one bottle of wine per person, we had four choices since there were four of us.  Our picks from the list includes LF Edwards Shiras from Chile, Bubbles Wine from Italy Prosecco Folladar, Mosaico Syrah, and Malbec from Argentina.  Moreover, we added our pick from the wine list; the Chile LF Edwards Sauvignon Blanc.  All of our wine picks were greatly enjoyable.  Especially the Bubbles wine one; for a casual wine drinkers like us, sparkly and sweet was easy drinking.  We also ordered a dessert for 190 Baht, Cointreau Chocolate.  Noted in the menu was the time to prepare- 15 minutes was worthwhile.  Its appearance was lovely and tasted super good.  My girlfriend was so fond of it.  

To conclude, four hours of enjoying wine and pastas in an upscale atmosphere cost 3,870 Baht, which divided to about 950 Baht per person.  For what we got at the Wine Pub, the overall experience was well spent.  The doubt was resolved about the Wine Pub being my friend’s favorite spot.  I personally had just become a fan of the Wine Pub.  Next time I come back here during a wine special again, the servers might have to carry me out of here, lol… I’m not an alcoholic – I’m just a social drinker. 

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