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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nostro Italian Restaurant - Sriwara Road, Bangkok

Nostro Italian Restaurant - Sriwara Road, Town in Town - Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4.5/5

Nostro Italian Restaurant Town in Town on BumRes.com

The Nostro is on the Sriwara road in the Town in Town area.  This street deserves to be named the “Restaurant Avenue” because of the amount of restaurants existing on both sides.  For the Nostro; if you didn’t know this street you might never notice that there was a restaurant located here.  The front of the shop wasn’t so easily noticeable.  When I was looking for the Nostro, I had to slowly sweep my sight all along the curbside of the Sriwara road.  In fact, I almost drove past the place as I skimmed through everything along the way.  Let me advise you; coming from the Thepleela, go passed the three-way intersection of the JW for about 200 meters.  Look for the Sangdad Publisher Sign on the left, the Nostro is right there.  During the prime time (16.00-19.00), I am quite sure that you won’t find a parking spot along street.  So go into the entrance of the Town in Town hotel, there will be a soi that leads you to a parking lot. 

I have been observing my reviews; restaurants that impressed me would make me brag so much about as well as restaurants that disappointed me, I also complained so much about.  In contrast, other restaurants with average quality and standard impression, I would write so briefly about.  This must be because there is nothing much to write about.  

Well, about the Nostro.  It is an Italian restaurant.  I am not sure if it was owned by the Sangdad Publisher.  For many of you who like to cook or follow cook books of Thailand.  This publisher is the hardcore promoter of cook books and food related literature.  Nostro doesn’t have an expansive menu.  Actually the selection is fewer than expected.  And the price was also lower than expected.  Considering the interior decoration of the restaurant, the quantity of the serving, the customer service, and the overall quality; the Nostro offer a nice bang for bucks.  

The first dish was the crispy mozzarella melt, wrapped in egg roll sheet like a Chinese appetizer.  What appeared different was the side of tomatoes and the Thousand Island dipping sauce.  It was a great appetizer and tasted wonderful; did its job well in building up the appetite for the main dishes.  Second to serve was the mushroom soup.  This one was not as impressive as the first one.  Ordinary look and taste didn’t bring any excitement to the table as much as the cheese egg roll. 

Third one was Pasta dish.  A fusion of Thai in Italian cooking was the Kee Mao Spaghetti.  Kee Mao is a spicy basil flavor of Thai cooking.  This Thai- Italian crossed culture dish has become very popular in Thailand.  Nostro did a great job in presenting this dish.  Its taste was amazing plus the large portion even made the dish more enjoyable.  Fourth dish was a main dish, the only official main dish of this meal; the Duck Confit.  The appearance was already half way yummy.  Duck leg was fried and had nice crisp skin, contrasted with the tender duck meat inside.  Tasted sauce poured over the duck and the mash potatoes made it even more juicy and savory.  However, a side lettuce was rather out of place; didn’t match with the whole for some reason.  

The fifth dish came afterward since the first four dishes didn’t do the job in filling up my stomach.   Beef Lasagna is my favorite menu in the Italian cuisine.  Preparation differed from the tradition Lasagna that the outer edge of the pasta sheet was crispy.  To be honest, the slight change with the crispy texture was a nice unique touch.  The overall deliciousness of this Lasagna was average.  By this time I still have some room for dessert, so I ordered the Blueberry cheesecake.  A cylindrical shape looked lovely but once tried, I didn’t know if I liked it that much.  It had strange taste and overtly sour; below my standard.  

The bill of this meal totaled to 1015 Baht, without the Vat + service charge.  I would say that the price was reasonable.  Atmosphere was nice and clean, food servers were keen, the food was fast, good quality food, and fair price; the Nostro had all that a successful restaurant should have.  So, I definitely recommend the Nostro at Sriwara Rd. for the easy going Italian eat out.  

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