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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ton Krueng Thai Restaurant Thonglor, Bangkok

Ton Krueng Thai Restaurant Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

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The other day mother assigned me to take two French visitors to a nice Thai dinner near the Amari Atrium hotel.  For a while, I couldn’t think of the most suitable place in that area to host our friends.  After a short while, we had come to an idea of take them to the Ton Krueng.  This restaurant actually was once a usual spot that my whole family enjoyed going about once per month at least.  Until the time that my grandmother was sick and had a hard time going to eat out, we kind of stopped going to the Ton Krueng Thai restaurant.  

As I have said that the Ton Krueng was my family’s favorite Thai restaurant, it must have something special to attract us to go there monthly.  After a couple of years since my last visit, I still expect to find greatness they have to offer to our visitors from France as we want to find the ideal Thai restaurant to impress our friends.  We got there quite early, early enough to find a parking spot (but when we were leaving, there were two cars blocking us).  As far as I know, you can park across the street if the restaurant’s parking lot is full.  Atmosphere of the Ton Krueng was simple and had a variety; indoor with air conditioning, open air on the patio, and a private room that can host up to 20 people.  All I can say is that this place has a complete offering in terms of atmosphere. 

The food offering of the Ton Krueng is authentic Thai cooking to slightly modernized dishes.  Variety dishes are available to please all kinds of customers, including the foreigners.  To honest, the menu has so many dishes to choose from that it might confuse all the non- Thai customers.  The tab menu has details of the offerings at the Ton Krueng, so you can take time to consider what you would like to eat prior to your visit.  Average price of the Ton Krueng Thai restaurant is lower that you will ever expect.  Price of each dish ranges between 100 - 250 Baht.  I thought that it would be more expensive because many of the customers are Japanese and I also thought that it would be a lot more expensive that my last visit with my family since I had never come here for a while; but it wasn’t like that at all. 

On this visit with the French people, we ordered so many dishes.  My mom ordered the traditional street food, pork satay and Pad Thai (Internationally famous dishes that the French requested).  I didn’t get to try those two dishes but both of them seemed to be so in love.  The ones that I had my hands on were the Chicken Tom Yum (Tom Klong Gai Baan), Braised pork legs with green leaves (Ka Muu Bai Tum Leung, first I ever had anywhere).  First one was greatly enjoyable; lots of chicken and mushroom, tasted well balance of spicy and sour.  The second one was like the street food Braised pork over rice.  The different was the vegetable; instead of kale, it was the Ivy gourd (a typical vegetable of choice in Thai soups).  Both of them were delicious; best enjoyed with jasmine rice.   I had so much rice with the Tom Yum broth.  

Third dish was the baked rice in Claypot (Kao Aob Mor Din).  Presentation of this dish was mouth watering and the taste of it was superbly delicious.  Lots of ingredients and Thai herbs to flavor to rice to saucy bowl, which made to rice much more easy to eat and more yummy.  I thought about letting the French guests try it but I loved it so much, I pretty much hawked the whole bowl to myself, lol… Fourth dish was the Sticky rice with grilled pork.  This one was served differently; served in leaf cups of small bites.  The tender pork was marinated to a blast of flavors.  With the tasty sauce to lighten up the pork, one cup only took two bites to finish.  Last one on the table was the flat noodle wrap (Kuay Teaw Lord), which was alright; good to the standard level.  

To my surprise, all the food that we ordered cost us only 1,114 Baht.  I believe there was no VAT or service charge.  After the dinner experience at the Ton Krueng, I personally thought that this restaurant can be a great representation of Thai food to impress tourists of Thailand.  Being in the Thonglor area, where you can find so many expensive international foods; this spot is even more attractive.  Our bill at the Ton Krueng could only pay for a couple of bites of Otoro  but the overall experience was probably equally enjoyable to some foreigners.  I am so proud of our Thai Cuisine that can capture the heart of people around the world.  If Thai restaurants could use the heavenly ingredient like the Japanese and decorate the plating like the French, and with knowledgeable servers and more formal service, Thai Cuisine could be much more valuable.  In turns, we can charge the Thai dining experience at a higher price to match other nationalities.  Whoever is considering to open an upscale Thai restaurant, I am sure that aforementioned elements are necessary. 

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