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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rakuza Tokyo Premium Sushi - Thonglor, Bangkok

Rakuza Tokyo (Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar @ Thonglor)

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3/5

Rakuza Tokyo - Japanese Contemporary Cuisine on BumRes.com

The Tokyo Rakuza has been a Japanese restaurant on my wish list for the longest time.  I became a fan page of this restaurant because there was always photos of mouth-watering Sushi and Sashimi posted every so often.  Yesterday I just found a gift voucher for a 50% discount, so I couldn't let the opportunity flew by.  Tokyo Rakuza has a Japanese chef serving all the Japanese specialties you can think of like all the Japanese restaurant in Thailand.  The practice is a bit odd for Japanese chefs because usually they tend to focus in doing one type of specialty.  Well, I don't have a problem with that.  

The Tokyo Rakuza is located within the Grass Complex of Thonglor.  Parking is easy with the valet service.  This restaurant was decorated with the most luxurious elements I had ever seen in a Japanese restaurant.  The general area of the restaurant was dark but our table was shining bright with a directed ceiling lamp to expose the true dimension of the food on the table.  Service was great; matching a five star class.  I was impressed with the whole atmosphere and the service of the Tokyo Rakuza very much.  I am not surprised with the high priced menu of this premium spot. 

Sushi and Sashimi were the main concentration of the Tokyo Rakuza.  However, other choices are diversely available.  For more details of the list and the price, I have input in the tab menu for your viewing.  Sushi is sold per bite, starting at 90 Baht  to 400 Baht a bite.  I am not sure about the price of the Sashimi because I mostly order the Nigiri.  Other specialties cost up to about 500 Baht.  I was there with my family, we ordered quite a bit of food, mainly the sushi.  Please see the photos.  I guaranteed the fine quality of all the sushi at Tokyo Rakuza @ Thonglor.  

For this luxurious meal, it costed 2,437 Baht after a discount of 1,137 Baht on the Sushi.  This was quite a bit of discount, don't you think? Overall experience of the Tokyo Rakuza @ the Glass, Thonglor was superior and impressive.  Food and Sushi served here is only premium, comparable to the Honmono (or Tensui, Maru, Tokyo Grill).  Everything besides the Sushi I didn't get my hands on so much, but everyone enjoyed the food greatly.  For spending this kind of money for a meal every once in a while is rewarding.  Actually, a restaurant like the Tokyo Rakuza is an inspiration to make more money, lol... 

Update: I got a chance to go to the Tokyo Rakuza @ Thonglor once more with a couple of friends.  We also ordered a lot of Japanese specialties as much as the Sushi, please see photos below.  The experience was as impressive as I remembered. And the price was no less expensive than last visit.  All in all, The Tokyo Rakuza @ Thonglor is a Highly Recommended Restaurant to all the big spenders. 

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