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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe - Pub & Restaurant - Siam Square, Bangkok

Hard Rock Cafe - Pub & Restaurant Siam Square Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   3/5

Hard Rock Cafe - American Restaurant on BuMRes.com

Hard Rock Café has been one of my favorite restaurants on the face of this planet.  My first visit at Hard Rock Café was in Los Angeles during my studying in the United States.  I was pretty young at that time and HRC had gifts and souvenir so I bought some random stuffs.  After a few years in the U.S., I had souvenirs from several different branches of Hard Rock Café; San Diego, New York, San Antonio, Orlando, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Francisco. 

 I personally love American heavy eats like Steaks, Ribs, Burgers, and so on – Hard Rock Café always serves the All-American dinner that I am so fond of everywhere I travel to.  Coming back to Bangkok, I was craving fat and nasty burgers so much.  For a while I didn’t know where to go, since burgers at fast food joints like Mc Donald’s or Burger King are not real.  One day I was walking in the Siam Square and saw the Hard Rock Café, I knew right away that they had what I wanted.  I have gone to eat a Burger and a beer for dinner by myself at Hard Rock Café a couple of times – It definitely did the job well – curing my desire for chunky Burgers. 

One day I got into a conversation with my friend about a place to get Burger, so I bragged about Hard Rock Café to him that it is the place to get real burgers.  He finally asked me to join him for a Burger dinner at the Hard Rock Café – Siam Square, Bangkok.  

This Hard Rock Café must have been here for a while since the place’s decoration appeared to be old-fashion and aged.  To symbolize the branch, they stuck a head of Tuk-Tuk to the front façade.  The restaurant is quite large, I am not sure if they own the whole four stories of the building but seeing the inside they only had two stories of dining area.  Hard Rock Café keeps their concept of the interior setting very distinctive; dark wooden cocktail bar as the center of the whole and the messy and random Rocker’s wall of fame throughout the interior.  Collection of old guitars, records of Rock ‘n’ Roll artists, and all the memorabilia treasures were everywhere.  

At the Bangkok location, majority of customers were expatriates.  When I was there the first time, the servers even spoke English to me – they probably thought that I was Korean or Japanese, so I didn’t speak Thai to them, lol...  I guess they don’t get to service many Thai customers because they could speak English fluently.  

On this visit with my friend, I ordered the HRC Burger made with Australian Angus Beef – a choice with reasonable size and price.  The patty weighed 7 oz with the traditional Cheddar, tomato, onion, and lettuce; served with a side of fries.  The beef patty was grilled to medium rare and with a little bit of mustard and ketchup, I was good to go.  Wait a second –a cold beer was also necessary in this meal.
My friend was a bigger eater and he wanted to order something different from me.  Sure he wanted a burger also, so he ordered the 10 oz – Legendary Burger with Swiss cheese and bacon strips.  He was stunned with its size when the Burger was served.  He was like - how am I gonna eat this? He started using his knife to carve it at first.  So, I told him to be more manly with your burger and get your hands dirty.  He didn’t like the fries for some reason but I thought it was fine.  I ate them first while it was still hot.  Perhaps he waited too long to take care of his French fries.  

A quote on the Legendary Burger; “That six-string on the wall isn’t just a guitar. And our proprietary blend of fresh, Certified Australian Angus Beef isn’t just a burger. It’s a legend. And has been for nearly four delicious decades.” www.hardrock.com 

Our bill totaled to about 1,600 Baht, included two sets of Burgers and a pitcher of Asahi.  There was also a Vat and service charge.  It wasn’t cheap but it was absolutely worth it to enjoy the real beef Burger in the All-American atmosphere with the rock music in background.  For some reason, the Asahi draft tasted much better this time – it must be the match of all the elements.  Cheers for Burger and Beer! If you have the feel like I do, check out the Hard Rock Café at Siam Square, Bangkok.  

BTW, I heard that the place has been newly renovated.  I haven’t been there in a while.  I might have to swing by there sometimes.  Please share your experience of the new HRC Bangkok! 

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