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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

B Resto Eastern and Western Restaurant - Soi Rangnam, Bangkok

B Resto International Food Restaurant - Rangnam road, Bangkok

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

B Resto International food at Soi Rangnam on BumRes.com

A good friend of mine who loves to explore restaurants of Bangkok recommended this spot, the B Resto to me.  I would like to kindly thank him again for finding this diamond in rough.  Located in a convenient location, Soi Rangnam (next to Ratvithee 3) - parking was available at the front and many mass transit choices intercept at the Victory monument near there, so commuting to the B Resto shouldn’t be an issue.   

The B Resto serves both Western food as much as Eastern food.  At first I got the menu of the Western food, I thought that they only served American and European dishes.  Later I found another menu, an eastern menu or the oriental selection of the B Resto.  Diverse choices were an attractive part about this restaurant, which should draw all kinds of customers.  Average prices weren’t expensive; Western’s were around 150-300 Baht and Eastern’s were around 100-200 Baht.  

I was there with my mother, so we didn’t order too many dishes.  First one was the Shrimp Pad Thai, which was quite tasty.  Noodles were soft and cooked to the saucy style.  Its flavor was well balanced and the portion was filling.   Second one was the baked spinach with cheese.  To surprise, this dish was as good as many upscale Italian shops I had gone to. Wow! 

The third dish was the Mushroom Fried Rice with Salmon Steak.  At first this dish wasn’t what I wanted.  I wanted to order the Lamb shank that my friend recommended (extremely delicious, he said) but they were out of it.  The fried rice turned out to be an enjoyable one though.  I loved the taste and the quantity was pleasing; well worth the 280 Baht price.  Let me tell you, there were two fillets of the salmon over the pile of rice.   Imagine the Salmon steak in the set at Japanese restaurant for 200 Baht.  This was twice that much – amazing, right?  

Wherever I enjoyed the main dish, I would have to order the dessert to end the meal.  This time I ordered the fried banana and ice-cream.  For 100 Baht, we got so much – please see the photo.  Decoration was too beautiful to be just a fried banana.  Moreover, the taste was great.  This dessert was a nice way to finish the meal.  

After we were so contend with the meal, we asked for the check.  To my surprise, the bill was only 680 Baht.  There was no Vat or service charge added to the bill.  I have been coming through this area so many times but never knew about the B Resto at all.  For such an outstanding cuisine at bargain prices, the B Resto will surely attract me to come back again.  Next time I will bring a big party here to try as many dishes as possible from both the Western and the Eastern menus.   

2nd Visit

About a year ago, I came to review at the B Resto on the Rangnam Road already.  Today I had a chance to go back there with a friend, so I want to write a short update review for all of you.  Since we weren’t so hungry, we only ordered a few dishes.  We ordered Thai Chicken noodles, Shanghai noodles, Ratatouille, and Thai crispy bread with pork spread.  Overall, the food was delicious.  The only dish that was below my expectation was the Ratatouille but it wasn’t bad.  However, this meal wasn’t as impressive as my first visit with my mother.  Part of it could be that I didn’t have as much appetite.  Or could it be because I ordered the Western dish.  I feel like I have to go back to the B Resto @ Soi Rangnam again for a better judgment.  

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