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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Torajiro Izakaya Japanese Restaurant - Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok

Torajiro Izakaya Japanese Restaurant Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

Note: This review of Torajiro Izakaya was written before the relocation to the Sukhumvit 39.  I just went there recently and everything was heavenly good as ever before.  Thumbs still up high! 

Torajiro - Izakaya Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Today I am going to review a one of a kind Japanese restaurant – Torajiro Izakaya located in the court of Japanese village at Soi Thonglor 13.  The name refers to a man who is as brave as a tiger – Cool, eh?  I had gone to this restaurant once before but it was raining very heavily and the power went out.  I was waiting in front of the place for twenty minutes but the power didn’t come back, so I decided to go to the Madarin Roasted duck instead.  Finally the occasion had come again.  At the Thonglor location, the shop was divided into two stories.  Atmosphere was so lively for such a small space and felt almost too crowded, which expressed the feeling of a restaurant in Japan.  I didn’t reserve a table but I was lucky enough to get a table. 

Torajiro Izakaya has so many dishes to choose from, most of them are typical dishes that can be found at any Japanese restaurants.  Remarkable aspect of this place was the price; lower than many Japanese places.  Please see more details of the menu in the tab menu as usual.  I was with a party of three, so we didn’t order too many dishes. 

First one was Okonomiyaki or a Japanese pizza.  Its appearance was no stranger than what you will find elsewhere.  Highlight was that it was served on a sizzling hot pan.  The taste of it was absolutely amazing – I must say that it is the best Okonomiyaki I have ever had in Thailand.  For the price of 110+, it is a great deal for an extraordinary Okonomiyaki.  My judgment could be bias since I have never had the real authentic Okonomiyaki.  If anyone knows a great place to get Okonomiyaki, please share with me.  

Second dish was the Yakisoba for 98+ baht, which was better than average.  For the price of only 100 baht, this menu was so much to get in return.  The portion could easily serve three people.    

Grilled Hokkae fish (240+ baht) reminded me of the Ootoya Japanese restaurant.  I always get this very same menu.  Both appearance and taste were so much alike.  Ootoya did the fish better because the Hokkae fish of Torajiro Izakaya had so many bones, I had to pick out the bones as I enjoyed its delicious flavor.

Cold Soba (Saru Soba – 120 baht) of the Torajiro was a bit disappointing.  I have been hunting for great Soba/Udon Cold Japanese style in Thailand.  After about four places, I still haven’t found a good one.  The idea of this Soba quest was inspired by the Japanese Anime I like to read.  Too bad the Torajiro didn’t do it right; the noodles were strange and the sauce was too plain.   

Large set of the Sashimi assortment (880+ baht) – its photo in the menu was extremely attractive.  At first I wished that it would be great if the real dish came out just like the photo.  I was so shocked to see that it was as grand as the photo, if not grander.  This set was the best value Sashimi Assortment in the Universe.  Please see the photo; Hokkigai, Uni, Ebi, Salmon Roe, Hotate.  It couldn’t be that fresh – I thought to myself.  But, it was so nice and fresh – much better quality than my places.  So much food we got, it felt like I was competing in TV Champion, trying to finish it.  Good job Torajiro!

Next menu, the Tonpei Yaki for 120+ baht – it was on the recommendation menu on the table.  I had no idea what it was and only to find out when it was served.  Basically it was a roll of cabbage with pork and egg.  Its taste was super delicious for a brand new menu.  After eating so much food, the last snack from the eye appetite disappeared with ease.     

To conclude, the Torajiro turned out to be one of the best Japanese restaurants in my heart already.  Tarajiro Izakaya serves a variety of quality delicious Japanese food at fair prices.  Besides the good service filling unlimited green tea, there was no service charge added (only Vat).  Bottled water cost 12 baht and big bottle of Singha beer cost 98 baht.  This restaurant really has so much to offer; I couldn’t cheer this restaurant anymore through words.  Honestly, I want to meet the owner to give him a big hug.  If you don’t believe me, you have to try it for yourself.  From what I heard, the Torajiro is known for the single rice dishes.  I didn’t quite get to those selections, so I would have to go back there for the rice specialties and the yakitori.  I hope they are as good as the food I had today.     

Update 2010-10-18
I just went to Torajiro Izakaya again the other day, the food was still great.  Too bad the wait was too long because the place was so crowded with Japanese people and their large bottles of Japanese sake (looking so tempting).  I ordered dishes similar to my first visit.  Please see the photos and caption for your appetite.  

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