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Monday, May 14, 2012

Le Beaulieu French Restaurant - Asoke, Bangkok

Le Beaulieu French Restaurant - Asoke, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Le Beaulieu French Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Le Beaulieu has been in my French restaurant list that I gathered as a plan to go for a review.  This French restaurant wasn't ranked on top in my list but CNNGO happened to rate this one to be the Best French in Bangkok for the year 2010.  So,  the Le Beaulieu was automatically moved to the first in the reviewing list.  The restaurant is located at Sofitel Service Apartment in Soi Sukhumvit 19.  which is accessible from many main roads; Asoke or Sukhumvit.  The Le Beaulieu is easy to find with the large street sign in the front of the building. 

I was so excited to try the Best French of the year 2010 rated by CNNGO.  I got there at 11am but the Le Beaulieu business hours started at 11.30am, so I had to wait a short while.  When the time had come, I was the first one to walk in. Atmosphere of the Le Beaulieu was luxurious and classy as I expected the Best French restaurant to be.  Service staffs greeted me with the welcoming faces.  I was so impressed with one server; he was friendly and service minded.  His personality was perfect for customer service.  When one day I have my own restaurant, I would look for a worker with this exact character.  Overall atmosphere and service, the Le Beaulieu definitely scored full points.  

Let's talk about the food! Prior to coming here, I did find out that the Le Beaulieu French had lunch set available.  The price is about the same as other upscale French places in Bangkok; at 825++ or about 1,000 Baht net price.  I was part of a party of three and there was three choices of four each course, so we covered all the choices.  Regarding the food, please see the photos and the caption. 

To be honest, the food of the Le Beaulieu didn't impress me that much in terms of deliciousness.  However, in terms of originality, I would totally give credits to that.  Flavors I found at Le Beaulieu were extraordinary and it was so new to me.  I can't express through words, I would suggest all of you to try it out for yourself.  Total damage of this lunch was 3,019 Baht including Vat and Service charge plus bottled water for each of us at 30 Baht . 

CNNGO may have rewarded Le Beaulieu @ Asoke, Bangkok as the Best French in Bangkok year 2010 but for me, the best French restaurants are Bonjour and Le Normandy.  However, this restaurant would be considered a great French restaurant of Bangkok regardless.  Perhaps the Le Beaulieu may serve the greatest a la carte dishes, I wouldn't know since I hadn't tried.  So, if any of you get to go to the Le Beaulieu for dinner, please come back and share your experience with us. 

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