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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nara Thai Restaurant - Erawan Plaza, Bangkok

Nara Thai Restaurant - Erawan Plaza, Bangkok

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Nara Thai Cuisine at Erawana Plaza on BumRes.com

The Nara is a Thai restaurant resided within the Erawan Plaza at the Ratchaprasong intersection.  To tell you the true, I had never come to shop at this place and I knew that there was nothing to attract me to come here.  For this particular occasion, my girlfriend’s family invited me to join for a farewell dinner of my girlfriend.  The Nara is on the G floor of the Erawan Shopping Plaza with indoor and outdoor seating.  The restaurant was fairly full during the visit; most of them were foreigners of Thailand.  Outdoor seating seemed to attract the non-Thai guests more.  I noticed that a few of them were smoking pipes; it was an interesting view for me to find a group of upper class foreigners hanging out with pipes.  It was kind of a cool sight. 

Food of this restaurant was all-authentic Thai, not Thai fusion as I had expected (some rare and creative dishes were also available in the menu but not too many).  Complete details of the menu can be viewed in the tab menu as usual, please feel free to browse through them.  Average price of dishes in the menu was around 100 – 250 Baht.  Prices may appear cheaper but the portion was smaller, which made the food here more expensive.  I am not surprised with that because of the location of this restaurant and its market positioning.  This is definitely a Premium Thai Cuisine targeting tourists and foreigners, who have to power to purchase.

For a party of four, we ordered eight dishes.  First one served was the Larb Tod (deep fried minced pork salad), looked like fried meat balls.  This one was pretty delicious, perfect as appetizer.  Next dish was the Herbal fried Chicken; yummy one especially with the spicy Thai seafood sauce that somehow matched well with the chicken.  Last of the appetizers was the Poh Pia Tod or crispy spring rolls.  Appearance was a little different than ordinary ones; longer stick with a seaweed belt in the middle, though the taste was quite authentic.  

At Nara Thai restaurant, dishes were separated into westernized sections and each of them was served according to the course priority – appetizers then soups and then main dishes.  Speaking of the main dish, first one was the Tom Yum Goong for 275 Baht; came with four large prawns.  The taste was spicy and sour, good balanced of intensive flavors and not too spicy (to please the non Thai palates), though it had a standard Thai impression.  Next one was a Kai Jeaw Yong Yai Nara.  Presentation spoke much of the delicacy existed in Thai cooking; beautifully created into a net of fried egg wrapping veggies.  However, I was so fond of it due to the texture and taste that expose the excessive addition of flour to the egg.    

My favorite main dish was the Mussaman Curry with Chicken.  This type of curry with chicken, I had never had in a while and the Nara superbly prepared it, which reminded me of my childhood eating this curry at the middle school canteen.  On the day that the school had the Chicken Mussaman Curry, I always had about four or five servings of it.  Another main dish was a stir-fried eggplant with pork.  We can call it the Pad Ma Kuea.  I also enjoyed this simple yet authentic creation.  

Last one of the main course was the Boat noodle soup.  I ordered this one because it received many votes in the Tips in foursquare.  We were not disappointed of this noodle soup at all; well balanced of flavors, good beef and meatballs, perfectly cooked insides, and quality ingredients.  Surprisingly I was really happy with the street food dish; I had never had the boat noodle this good in a while.  

Our dessert was the black jelly on ice and full option coconut ice-cream.  Both were traditional Thai with style, above the common Thai desserts elsewhere.  The ice-cream came with the special toppings, eight of them in a condiment tray as you can see in the photos.  We could dish to top off our ice-cream as much as we want.  I mixed both black jelly, coconut ice-cream, and toppings together; as I said earlier, it was truly a full option ice-cream.  I was glad that I ordered these desserts of Nara. 

Total damage of this fancy authentic Thai meal was 2,196 Baht included VAT + Service charge.  For the Sunday Brunch of the New Year, I considered it to be a great meal to start the year.  Nara serves delicious Thai food with pleasant atmosphere and fine customer service.  I recommend you to bring your foreign friends visiting Thailand to Nara Thai Cuisine.  I can clearly say that this fine Thai restaurant will represent the Thai cooking accurately with style. 

Btw, my friends had gone to Nara at Central World and told me that the food there wasn’t as impressive.  I am not sure why but I really like the Nara at this location, the Erawan Shopping Plaza.  

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